Feet Up, Look Sharp! The Best Ways To Enjoy Your Downtime At The Weekends

Mondays are not the best day of the week for some, the end of a weekend can e rather depressing. The working week can be quite full on for most but once you reach Wednesday and a new weekend is in sight, you can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it can certainly seem like the best tonic. Fridays are ace, and Friday night’s are even better. However, how do you ensure that you make the most of the downtime a weekend can give you?

So many people want to make the most of that two day break. Ensure they fit in all their plans, but it is also essential that you schedule in time for you to unwind. If you don’t when Monday comes you can feel just as tired and worn out, and that is never a good way to start a new week. I wanted to share with you some of the best ways you can enjoy your downtime at the weekends. Allowing you to enjoy some of the best moments a weekend can offer.

Sit back and listen to some music

Music is so good for the soul. It can certainly be an uplifting way to help you feel motivated, a great distraction on your commute to work, but it can actually be quite the way to relax in your home, would you believe? Many people love switching on the tunes to do some cleaning, cook up some food, but actually just switching on something worth of listening to and actually relaxing with it is quite the enjoyable experience. Thanks to websites like https://www.indiesound.com you can get an array of music and specific genres and sounds with a click of a button. Next time you just want to sit and relax, why not try putting on some music in the background and appreciate the sounds being played.

Binge watching the latest box set

When was the last time you go caught up in a box set? Netflix and digital subscription services are getting so incredibly good at showcasing amazing box sets that can have you hooked from episode one. So if you have few hours to kill and want to get in some much needed relaxation then why not switch on a box set and check out some of the latest offerings. A thriller, a romance, something funny, there really is something for everyone these days and it can be a great way to really switch off and put some focus on something else for a while.

Some “you” time

There isn’t always ample opportunity to really place focus on yourself. Enjoying a nice warm bath, a face mask, some pampering, when was the last time you dedicated a few hours to yourself for a bit of preening? A weekend, especially a sunday, is the ideal time to do things like this. Not only can it be highly relaxing, but you also can see it as a great way to prepare and pamper yourself for the week ahead.

Read a book

Years ago, people would choose to get lost in a book, but thanks to the digital age, we are more inclined to scroll Facebook or watch Netflix. However, going back to something as timeless as this can be a real great way to relax. A book can still set your imagination on fire, and you can get just as easily hooked as you can on the latest series of your favourite box set. Hardback book or a digital kindle, however you prefer to read, give it a try this weekend and see how relaxed you can be. Websites like https://www.pastemagazine.com could provide some inspiration.

Take an afternoon siesta

It’s proven that taking a nap is actually good for you. Many people avoid it because they can often feel just as tired or groggy afterwards, but it is a great way to recharge the batteries. Europeans are famous for the afternoon siesta and their are studies that reveal because of this they have a more relaxed approach to life and can even be healthier in their lifestyle.

Cook up a storm

Finally, cooking can be quite therapeutic for some. Perhaps it is the preparation and chopping of the ingredients. Maybe it is the process of bringing raw ingredients and creating something tasty. But cooking is a great way to relax and people choose to create a slap up meal as part of their downtime on the weekends. While also feasting like a king. A win win situation, if you ask me.

I hope that this has inspired you with some different ways to enjoy your downtime at the weekends.

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