The Media You Should Be Watching

The world of entertainment is changing because of the different demand the modern world has on media. And that’s actually a good thing, despite the complaints we hear from a lot of the older generations!

We see more diversity amongst the subjects in our TV shows and films, and there’s a lot more necessary representation than there ever has been before. Because of this, there’s so much on our screens you should be indulging in when you can; here’s some of the genres that deserve your special interest.

The News

There’s no better place to go in search of information about the state of the world than the news. We should all strive to turn the news on a bit more in our lives. Getting updated on all the current events as they happen isn’t just exclusive to journalists after all.

When you’re interested in the news, you’re going to need to be a very proactive person. Always remember to take news stories with a pinch of salt, and go in search of your own sources to back up any claims a station or publication lays at your door. You never know, your referencing skills might just win you a place at the top of the Twitter feed for that day.

Try Some Documentaries

Depending on the kind of person you are, there’s a lot of different documentaries out there for you to indulge in. You can be a conspiracy theorist, a nature lover, someone who loves learning from history, or just someone with a bit of free time on their hands. Either way, watching a documentary every now and then can seriously enrich your life.

With more and more censorship on what we can and can’t show on TV nowadays, documentaries are more important than ever when it comes to learning about things we should absolutely know. In particular, nature documentaries are always something to relax to, and they have the benefit of being incredibly informative at the same time. It can be good to fall asleep to if you’re really struggling in the late evenings!

Some Animation

Animation is always something fun to watch, and it’s a great break away from the rest of the world when you really need one. There’s no easier way to lose yourself in some carefully designed characters than through animation, so record some of your favorite cartoons and load them up on your days off.

Or take to the internet, which is a veritable treasure trove of hidden gems. A lot of new mediums exist out there for people to express themselves through, and you can join communities whenever you find something you love. Take anime as a good example here. If you’re having trouble finding anime via the usual routes of switching on the telly, the internet is a wide world to delve into, and there’s something for everyone to try out.

There’s a lot of media available for consumption these days, and there isn’t just the same five channels anymore!

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