No One Likes Workplace Training…Here’s How To Change That!

Before you started your own company, how did you used to react to the announcement of a workplace training day? Did you groan in disgust, knowing a boring day was ahead? Yep, well, that hasn’t changed at all. If you find your staff groaning when they hear of a work training day ahead, it’s probably because your method of training sucks. Sorry to be so blunt, but a work training session that takes people away from their deadlines and away from their jobs that they have to get done is not the way anyone wants to spend their day. There’s things to do and they have to give up their time to listen to health and safety training, or tech training. On one hand, I’m sure you can relate to their boredom. On the other, you should be doing everything that you can to make that training fun.

Most companies have the exact same training format playing on repeat. No matter what you do, though, you need to deliver your training to your employees and if you don’t do it with a little bit of bounce, you’re never going to get through to people and the retention is going to be almost nil. Here are some ways you can make your training sessions more fun.

  • Role Play. Retention of information is important when it comes to training, as you need to know that you’re not spending your time or money on training that no one can remember. Why not set up scenarios where your own staff have to deliver the information to each other? Get in a company like Perfect Image Video and you can even set up a realistic role play of getting their training filmed for the company website. The best person who delivers the training will have their video featured on the website that you use, which is exciting exposure and a great prize!
  • Venue. Sitting around a meeting room table and delivering information is boring; people don’t like to be talked at. However, if you can pick somewhere a little different, you could find the retention of your training far better. Hiring out a restaurant for a delicious team lunch before using a cinema screen to play the videos that you want to train them on is far more exciting than stale buffet sandwiches in the office.
  • Hire Professionals. You could be awful at delivering information in a training setting, but that’s okay! Understanding your weaknesses and knowing where you can’t be your best is important. So, hire in a charismatic professional speaker to deliver the training for you. This saves you a job and keeps your people motivated and engaged.
  • Reward People. The more you deliver, the more you should reward. Keep people focused on the training with treats throughout the day and use it as a team bonding experience.

Office training can be boring, we all know that, so make sure yours is different from everyone else’s!

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