How The Entertainment World Is Changing

The entertainment world is so vast. Entertainment covers anything from movies, to plays, the music. It is growing at such an exponential rate that it has to keep evolving to keep people interested. New artists and actors are constantly taking the music industry by storm, but this is one of the reasons why people are still so interested. People enjoy new things, so the more they’re seeing of it the more they’re going to be interested. But how has the industry changed in the last few years, and how is it predicted to change in the future? Well, the answer is in many ways. There’s exciting new things coming up, and we’ve definitely come leaps and bounds in terms of modernising the entertainment industry. We’re going to explore some of the things we can look back on, and some of the things we can look forward to.

Box Office

We’re all fully aware of how everything is now done through the internet. But not so long ago this wouldn’t have been the case. If you are old enough to remember the chaos of a box office, then you’ll know how much of a lifesaver technology is. You can now get tickets to pretty much any concert, movie, or play over the internet. Long gone are the huge queues at the box office stand. People now associate the name with the rankings and progress of a film that you can find. Box office records how many tickets were bought for one film, which in turn ranks how good the movie has done. People look to this for judgement as to whether they should actually go and see the film. But now that everything is done over the internet, have things got easier? A lot of people will argue no. Buying tickets over the internet can be such a long and painful process, especially if there are thousands trying to buy the same tickets as you. But there are some companies out there, such as TicketOffices, who are vowing to make the process easier for us all. Just check out that review for more information. Other companies are following suit as well, especially websites selling concert tickets. When thousands upon thousands of people flood the site to buy a ticket, you’ll often find it crashing or in a queue for hours. The future will hopefully put a more positive spin on this aspect.

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies definitely are something that have changed over the past few years. They’ve always been so extravagant and full of screaming fans and photographers. But one thing that was critised in the last few years, especially in the music industry, is racism. Big stars such as Will Smith commented on the fact that hardly and black people were winning the awards. This was met with a backlash from multiple different award ceremonies, but fans were backing the stars. If you look back on recent years of how many black people have won awards, it is minimal compared to white. So is there still an air of racism in the industry? A lot of people would argue no, but the facts are stating different. There is a myth that there is a cult behind awards such as the grammy’s, and if you’re in with the cult, you’ll win an award. Whether this is true or not nobody will ever know, but it is something interesting to think of. One thing they are doing though is getting even more publicised and dramatised, if that were possible. More and more people are tuning in each year to see who won what. It is a multi-million dollar industry, and a lot of that money is made just from the public alone voting for who they would like to win.

Technological Advancements

Technology is a wonderful thing in all aspects of life, but in movies in particular we’re seeing such a jump in the way things are produced recently. CGI is now so much more believable, and those big action scenes that were once so predictable, are now so realistic. This is down to the computer programmes and software that are improved year on year. The people using the software are also more aware of what is realistic and what isn’t. The clarity of films is also something we’re loving these days. We can now enjoy our favourite films in the highest definition. When watching an action film this only helps to make everything that bit more realistic.

Those are just three ways in which the entertainment world is changing. There’s so many more to explore!

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