The Most Thrilling Sports For Your Viewing Pleasure

We are not all blessed with the physiques, impetus and confidence to actively take part in sport. While we might think we could kick a ball around, run fast or defend a goal, we have never really tried, and we have no inclination to. Instead, some of us are more suited to being spectators, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it’s all too easy to fall into a boring routine of watching the same sports over and over again and not opening up our minds to the thrilling and exciting new activities that are becoming more popular among sporting fans. Take a look at these incredible sports that offer the most adrenaline inducing feats to watch.

Ice Hockey

If you’ve never headed to your local ice rink to watch the thrilling spectacle that is an ice hockey match, then you’ve been missing out. With a real party atmosphere, ice hockey is a fast-paced, thrilling and often violent affair. Players crash into one another around the outer barrier walls, bloody noses are not an uncommon sight, and all of this is in the quest to see the puck reach the back of the net. When a goal is scored the crowd goes wild, music pumps from the tannoy system and everyone enjoys a raucous night out. If you love a thrilling game, then ice hockey could be for you.

Horse Racing

The thrill of watching seemingly untamed beasts storming around the flat and leaping over death-defying fences is awe inspiring. Coupled with this, the opportunity for a flutter after having a gander at The Professional Syndicate and its racing tips, could make the racing all the more exciting. While some people have concerns over the welfare of the animals, the horses and their trainers are scrutinized heavily before, during and after every race to make sure the creatures are well looked after and cared for. Horse racing will make your heart thump and your endorphins rage. There’s no more exciting sport to watch.


While boxing was once the combat sport of choice for people to watch, the slowness of a bout alongside the competitors continually leaning on one another rather than engaging in combat would often put people off. MMA has now entered the arena to try and tear the hardcore boxing fans away from their beloved sport. Set within a cage with between three and five shorter rounds, you can be sure of some skillful martial artists from kickboxing, muay thai and judo backgrounds coming together to try and beat their rivals. While still relatively new, the sport is highly lucrative with many organizations investing money into the venture and many belts to be contested.

Watching sport has been one of our greatest pastimes for decades. Whether you go to watch the live action in an arena or stadium, or you’d rather sit at home to spectate on your TV from the comfort of your own sofa, why not add one of these thrilling sports for your viewing pleasure.

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