Need Some New Music For The New Year?

There’s nothing like discovering some new music that you’ve never heard before that gets stuck in your head for months and months, and there’s no better time to get out there and find some new music than the start of a new year. Of course, the problem that a lot of people end up running into is that they simply don’t know where to go in order to find any new music. After all, you might want to discover something new, but if you don’t know where to go to find it, then that can be pretty tricky. With that in mind, here are a few places you can go to discover some new music.


There’s no denying that the age of streaming is well and truly upon us, especially since the iTunes store is set to close within the next few years, and Spotify is pretty much the king of them all. One of the best things about Spotify is that not only can you find pretty much all of the music that you want, but it also offers radio stations and playlists specifically based around the things that you like. That way, if you’ve listened to everything by a particular artist, but you still can’t quite scratch that stylistic itch, you can find someone like them but a little bit different.


Of course, Spotify isn’t so great if you’re looking for artists who might not have particularly large followings. Sure, if you want to find big artists then streaming services are perfect, but a lot of smaller artists upload their music to Youtube instead. Not only that but there are some Youtube channels dedicated to finding interesting new music that you might never have discovered. A Youtube downloader can help you hold onto the music that you find interesting. Then again, if you’re willing to pay a little extra, then Youtube Reb can offer you the chance to find playlists of music on it’s dedicated music app.

Thrift stores

Now, you might think that this is cheating, but the truth is that just because music isn’t “new” doesn’t mean that it isn’t new to you. There are few things more popular these days than the vintage sound of vinyl and thrift shops are packed with hidden gems that you might never have come across before. There are few things more fun than showing up at a thrift shop and picking out records just because the covers look interesting. Not only that but most of them are seriously cheap.

Of course, if you really want to find something new and different then the best thing that you can do is to try and branch out and listen to different styles and genres. If you only ever listen to the same genres and artists, then you’re likely to end up getting bored pretty quickly. Don’t be afraid to try different things that you might not normally listen to or to give a chance to artists that you previously weren’t completely sold on.

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