Top Tech Items To Buy At The Beginning Of The Year

Out with the old and in with the new – isn’t that how every new year starts? For your technology, this should certainly be the case. Not only is January a good time for a fresh start, but it could be a great opportunity to grab a bargain.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your tech, take a look at these top items to buy at the beginning of the year.


Want to improve your photography this year or simply want to capture more special moments? A new camera could be the right purchase for you. New camera models tend to be released in February/March, so prices start coming down now to help sell the existing stock. Check out this great guide to buying a new camera and start scouring the sales for a good deal.


The new year is a great time to pick up a discount on a new laptop, allowing you to benefit from the latest specifications and features. Take a look at some of the best laptop recommendations from to help you decide which model to get. Even if you don’t opt for the latest models, you could get a good deal on a used or refurbished laptop at this time of year from people who upgraded theirs during the holidays.


Retailers are quick to reduce the prices of televisions in the new year, so if you’re looking to get a bigger TV or benefit from smart television features, this is the time to do it. 2018 is going to see the release of HDMI 2.1 which might not mean much to you, but it’s big news for gamers and those looking forward to 8K resolution television. If you’re not bothered about this upgrade, you could pick up a great deal on a 4K model which still offers fantastic quality viewing for your latest box set binge.

Fitness Trackers

Want to shape up this year? A fitness tracker could be the ideal piece of tech to help you achieve your goals. Fitness trackers are an example of great life hacks for keeping your work/life balance in check that will allow you to measure and improve on how active you are throughout the day. It’s a good way to measure your goals and improve your fitness, and you can sync it to your other tech such as your smartphone to keep everything on track. While they do help measure how many steps you’ve walked in a day, they also help by measuring your heart rate and helping to establish how hard you worked during your run or workout.

The beginning of the year is a great time to invest in some new tech, helping you to get a good deal or some fancy new features – whichever is most important to you. If you do decide to get rid of your existing technology, you could always sell it to help offset the cost of your new tech or use a recycling scheme. Pick yourself up some great new tech to get the new year off to a great start.

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