The Apple Watch: A Winner for Work or a Pleasure for Leisure

Everyone likes a new gadget to make their lives easier. People are continually investing in the latest technology, from work-specific laptops to on-the-go entertainment apps for smartphones. Many devices have a sole function or purpose, but there are several ways in which we can use technology to enhance both our work and home life simultaneously. Balancing these two aspects of life with technology can often prove to be tricky, especially nowadays when work and play often seem to blur into one world. The latest Apple Watch seems to be the topic of many technology-based conversations at the moment. But can it be used for both work and home purposes?

A Working Whizz

The Apple Watch can do most of the things that a normal smartphone can do. You can receive and send emails, check your calendar and receive reminders for important events. You pretty much have a virtual assistant built into your wrist wear. It could be regarded as more useful than a regular work-phone though.

Have you ever been stuck in a work meeting and are expecting an important call from a manager or client? The Apple Watch will let you know when someone is calling you and you can even answer it. You can also send and respond to text messages. It’s an ideal way of being efficient, without looking disengaged and tapping away on your iPhone during an important conference. People who are totally engrossed in the phones can often come across as rude or distracted in the workplace. A quick glance at your Apple Watch and you’ll be able to check if an important email has come through without even looking at your phone.

A Home Hero

Not only is the Apple Watch a handy tool for work-related jobs, it also looks really great. It can be used as an everyday fashion statement and is guaranteed to turn heads. You have the independence to change the strap on the watch as often as you like. There are classic styles such as the Apple watch leather band or bold and brightly coloured fastenings, which can make the watch unique to you.

As well as looking incredibly sleek the Apple Watch has functions which can assist you in your day to day life. There are several useful fitness tracker apps which will keep your health goals in check. It can do anything from monitor your heart rate to counting your daily steps in order to help you reach your goals.

Forgotten your wallet? No problem. Your new smartwatch is capable of paying for your shopping when you’re out and about. You can even send money to your friends, so wave goodbye to cash! You can store your loyalty cards in there too. So next time you head out for a coffee be sure to flash your watch and claim your stamp. There’s nothing worse than having a wallet full of half used loyalty cards, so this is a great way to keep them all organised.

Whether it’s for work or leisure, the Apple Watch has many functions that you might consider to be useful. Strike a balance between work and play and you’ll be on your way to tech happiness.

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