Music: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As any big music fan will tell you, there is so much joy to be had from music. But let’s face it, who isn’t going to be a music fan? From putting the music on your car radio to downloading a tune from iTunes, we are all music fans and it plays such a role in all of our lives. Granted, for some it is a greater role than others. But for many of us, it is part of it. Which is why this holiday season, giving the gift of music can be a great gift for all. It can uplift, empower, invoke emotion, and bring back memories. So here are some great music related gifts that you could give to your loved ones this Christmas.

Musical Instrument

If you have children, then a musical instrument can be such a magical gift to give. They may have shown interest in learning an instrument or just want to enhance their skills. So buying them an actual musical instrument to play can be a great gift. Even for seasoned music lovers, a new instrument can always be a good idea. Ask any guitar player if they would turn down a new guitar. I didn’t think so!

Concert Tickets

The great thing about music is that there is something for all ages. Whether it is your dad that enjoys an old-school rock concert, or your grandmother that would love to see a symphony concert play, there are tickets for all tastes and occasions. A site like The Ticket Merchant could be a good place to look if you’re stuck for a gift. It creates a memory, better than a physical gift in many ways, especially if is for a music concert of someone that they love. Plus, you never know, they may  ask you go along with them.


Music, artist or band memorabilia can be a great gift for a music fan. If you know that they have a certain passion for a person or band in particular, then it is a great option (teenage girls, I’m looking at you). From clothing, signed discs, to exclusive albums, there are plenty of options for you to choose from and to suit all budgets. Just check that they don’t already have it!

Music Lessons

Giving the gift of an experience, rather than a ‘thing’ can be a great gift for many. So if you have someone keen to learn a musical instrument or to simply improve, then getting them a set of lessons could be a dream come true. With the likes of YouTube creating many self-taught musicians or singers, then it can be good to hone their skills and get some professional tuition. It is something that they are unlikely to choose for themselves, so can be a real treat when given as a gift.

Have you got any exciting gifts planned for Christmas? Have you started your gift shopping yet? It would be great to hear what you think in the comments below.

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