Flying Is Still The Best Way To Travel & Here’s Why

With airlines going bust, leaving thousands of people stuck in other countries, and thousands more without a holiday to go on, air travel isn’t getting a great rep recently. In the past few years, there’s also been plenty plane crashes and plane diversions, as well as entire planes that have gone missing, along with the crew and passengers, leaving people still wondering what actually happened. You wouldn’t be wrong to avoid air travel for these reasons, but there are plenty more reasons why you should continue to travel by plane. Here are some of the most important ones.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Air travel is a lot less expensive than it was a couple of decades ago. It used to be that many people could only afford to travel abroad once in their lifetime, often after saving up for several years. Nowadays, you can pay off a holiday in well under a year, as long as you are not travelling massively far away. You even see teenagers taking two or three holidays abroad with their friends or travelling on gap years, which is proof that air travel just isn’t that expensive anymore.

It’s Not Too Bad For The Environment

Global warming is a big issue recently, after all, no one wants the world to end anytime soon. When you see a big machine like a plane, you naturally assume that it uses a lot of gas, which will release a lot of carbon dioxide, which is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. While this is true in some cases, the rise of carbon neutral airports is humongous, with over 30 airports having achieved a carbon neutral status. This means that their carbon emissions each year are zero, so as long as you use one of these airports, you aren’t damaging the planet.

It’s Faster Than Other Transport

There is no form of transport available to the general public that is faster than an airplane. If you choose to drive to your destination, you are going to be travelling for a long time and will waste a large portion of your trip on travel alone. Aeroplanes on the other hand, can get you to your destination in a fraction of the time, with plenty of flights arriving first thing in the morning, so you can spend as much time as you can in your chosen destination.

It’s The Only Option To Get To Some Countries

While you can drive to some places, and take a boat to others, if you’re travelling further afield, and are visiting somewhere like Australia, or Europe, you are going to need a plane. Air travel has opened up the option for regular people to visit every corner of the world, so why shouldn’t we seize this opportunity with both hands and see the world? After all, travelling is incredibly fulfilling and is a great way to spend your time.

The Views Are Amazing

As long as you are not scared of heights, the views from an aeroplane window are absolutely astonishing. You get to see everything from the countryside, to cities, to the sea. Even at night time, it is amazing, as you can see the lights from the cities below. Plenty of people enjoy sleeping on a plane, which is completely fine, but if you’re lucky enough to get a seat by a window, I would strongly advise you take in the views first.

It’s The Safest Form Of Transport

People don’t tell you that flying is the safest form of transport for their own health. It actually is. There are lots of awful car crashes every single day, which is why they are very rarely featured on any big news channels. Plane crashes, on the other hand, are so rare, that they will always be featured on the news, which makes them seem more common than they actually are. Even if you are one of the unlucky few that are involved in a plane crash, experts believe that you will need to take one flight a day for around 55,000 years before being involved in a fatal plane crash.

There are so many reasons why flying is still a great way to travel, the most important being how safe it is. For any reason you have for not flying, I’m sure there is going to be a counter-argument of why you should, so you have no excuse for not booking a flight, getting out there, and seeing the world.

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