What Every Serious Gamer Needs

Gaming is a serious business these days, and many people have all the equipment to make their gaming experience the best it can be. There are lots of models and consoles to choose from, different kinds of chairs, and having to keep up with the latest games means there is lots to keep on top of. If you’re new to gaming, or just want to improve your gaming experience, here is a list of things that every gamer should consider getting.

Gaming Chair

If you have a console, investing in a gaming chair is definitely something to invest in. They ensure you aren’t looking up at  your screen all the time, which can cause neck strain over long periods of time. Gaming chairs come with the utmost comfort, so sitting for long periods of time is absolutely fine, as they come with the right level of comfort and support. If your looking at the cheaper end of the market, you might not quite get the level of comfort or support that pricier ones can offer you. Having chairs with armrests are  also beneficial for many people, as it reduces shoulder and arm pain.

Higher end chairs improve the quality of surround sound, and aim to create a more immersive experience. When you get into the high end specialist chairs, they often cater to one specific kind of simulation, like racing or flying for example. If you have an interest in specific kind of games like racing, this could be great for you. There are more general high end chairs too if you play a variety of games. If you’re a serious gamer investing in a chair is really worth it. It can save you having back problems, and generally enhance your gaming experience.

Gaming PC

Whether you’ve found out the easy or the hard way, your laptop just isn’t going to run the games you want to play. This is why people choose to invest in a specialist gaming PCs. The reason they are so expensive is because each of the parts are bought individually and put together. Buying the parts individually means that the best quality ones are put together to make them ideal for gaming. Getting a custom full tower gaming PC means that your games will have the best visual quality, so you will get the best gaming experience. They also improve things like its ability to function, as normal PCs just don’t have the capacity to run most modern games. This means less time waiting around for your game to load or buffer, and you will be able to play the game with the exact quality, it was intended to be played.


These are essential if you want to play online, and communicate with teammates. They enable you to have your hands free and come with lots of different features. When buying yours, thinking about comfort will your first priority. Get something that is comfortable, as you will be wearing it for hours at a time. Remember, huge cushioned earpieces doesn’t necessarily mean comfort. There are other features to look out for like open or closed ones. When your headset is open this allows your ears to keep cool and ventilated, and means you can hear surround sound.

Mini Fridge

Now while this might not seem essential, when you’re having a long session you’re definitely gonna get hungry and thirsty. There just isn’t enough time to venture into the house to replenish yourself, your teammates are waiting for you. How do you solve this problem? A mini fridge. Nestled right next to you gaming chair, it is within arms reach. Stocking it with your favourite food and snacks, will ensure you can play the best you can possible play.


You will probably want to decorate your bedroom or gaming room to make it look like a great gaming den. Having plain walls looks kind of boring, and having posters and pictures up on your walls, can really help you get in the zone. All modern games have great quality posters, and going to your nearest convention or gaming store, you will probably have a huge selection. Looking online on ebay, you will probably be able to pick up some cheaper ones. If you’re looking for some gaming nostalgia, retro ones are going to be sold online second hand, rather than in stores, if you’re looking for something a bit different to decorate your gaming room.

Whether you’re new or a veteran of gaming, there are always new gadgets you can get to enhance your gaming experience.

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