The 7 Weirdest Jobs in the World: Would You Take Them?

If you think that your job doesn’t give you any excitement or challenge, you might want a career change. There is a perfect job for everyone, but it is hard to find it. There are all sorts of strange jobs offered to people, including mourning for unknown people and tasting pet food. Below you can read more about the weirdest jobs in the world you can actually get paid doing.

  • Watching Netflix for Money

If you love your series, you can earn some money by watching them on Netflix all day. Unfortunately, you will need to remember some of the parts, and do a write up on them for blogs and online magazines. You will not be able to choose your series, either, but soon know everything about the latest series, while earning some cash.

  • Mourning on Funerals

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a massive crowd turning up on their funeral. Some funeral director companies will pay you to take part, and mourn strangers. You need to have the ability to cry any time, though. If Hollywood hasn’t worked out for you, try this job to put your acting skills into good use.

  • Tasting Dog Food

Humans tasting dog food is actually real. It is hard to find a logic behind the job, as pet food is not for human consumption, and humans are not the target market of large companies. The job still exists, and pays real money.

  • Professional Bridesmaid

Some brides decide to get everything perfect on their big day, or just don’t trust their best friends enough to trust them with organizing the wedding and being presentable all day and night. If you can get a job as a professional bridesmaid, you can eat all the cake you want in the world, and still get paid. You will need to watch the pounds, though, to make sure that the bridesmaid dress fits you.

  • Hotel Reviewer (Travel for Money)

Some people have found a way of making money while traveling, by becoming a hotel reviewer. If you are fortunate enough to get this job, you can stay in a new city every few days, just like the locations featured on  and become a real industry influencer, while all your food and travel fees are paid for.

  • Animal Inseminator

One of the weirdest jobs in the world, and not for the faint hearted. You will need to artificially inseminate different animals. They can be small like a cat, or large like a cow or horse. You will need to be fast and able to jump away when your advances are not welcome.

  • Professional Queue Placeholder

If you have spare time, you can hold people’s place in the queue. Some people hate standing in the line so much that they are willing to pay you an hourly rate to do so. Get ready for the release of the new iPhone or XBox, and you can make yourself some cash.

Whether you are dreaming of traveling for money or want to earn cash for watching TV, there are plenty of weird jobs going around for you to choose from.

Image credits: “bridesmaids” by kenji ross is licensed under CC BY 2.0 and “Session queue” by Dirk Haun is licensed under CC BY 2.0