A Food Journey Around The World

We are blessed to live in a world with exquisite foods. All around the world are culinary masterpieces. We also live in a world where you can get a pre made cheese burgers in under two minutes. There’s two very different end of the sticks. The finer foods in life appeal to pretty much everyone, yet not everyone has the means to afford them. The cheaper, quicker foods of life appeal people who aren’t so bothered about fine dining. People have different tastes, and people like what they like. Would you chose some caviar over a Big Mac meal? Depending on which one you say yes to, depends on which category you fall into. Different countries have blessed us with some famous dishes, this post is going to explore some of the greatest.


The US is well known for it’s love of food. If you’re ever feeling peckish, the US will defeat your hunger in seconds. Everywhere you turn there’s a pancake house, a steakhouse, a applebee’s etc. Nowhere compares to it in terms of variety and their love of supersizing. Different states have brought us different wonders. One of the most famous being the Philly cheese steak sandwich. This dish is loved by people over the world, and is commonly found on smokehouse restaurants all over the world. It originated in Philadelphia. It consists of finely cut rib-eye steak, mainly loaded with cheese and onions, into either a bun or a baguette. It is a gorgeous sandwich and is a firm favourite in the US. Another classic the US has brought us is the American style pancakes. Although this is also sold around the world, nowhere does it bigger or better than the US. They’re light and fluffy, yet thick and amazing. Top it whatever you wish, a favourite over there being bacon and maple syrup. Go into any pancake house over there, and you’ll see plates piled high with pancakes.


The home of the weird, the wonderful, and the great. When people think of chinese, an array of foods will come into their heads. The famous chicken chow mein, or sweet and sour chicken. Many great Chinese restaurants now bless different countries around the world. But before we focus on the common, let’s focus on the unique. If you walk around a market in China, you’ll be surrounded by people eating cockroaches, beetles, and pretty much every bug under the sun. Why you ask? It’s just their culture. They have been raised to enjoy the crunch of a cockroach, and whilst some of you may be sitting their squirming, they actually enjoy the taste. It sounds insane to some people, because we are brought in a culture where it is not seen as normal. If you visit China, or Hong Kong etc. your mind will be changed. Let’s turn back to the ‘normal food’. One of the most famous Chinese dishes to ever be created is sweet and sour chicken. Its sticky red sauce combine with chicken, onions, and peppers, is a firm favourite across the world. There are so many Chinese restaurants selling amazing cuisine like this. You can generally find the best Chinese food outside of China, as many people have left the country to set up shop somewhere else.


Indian food is another classic that is a firm favourite all over the world. In the UK particular, there’s at least one Indian restaurant in every town you visit. It’s no surprise that it is one of the most favoured dishes among people all over the world. The array of different flavours Indian food releases is amazing. Whether you’re into spicy foods, or prefer something a little more sweet, they’ve got you covered. One of the most famous sweet dishes is the chicken tikka masala. The red creamy sauce is sweet and delicious. Mix it with some fried rice and you’ve got a glorious meal. If you’re more of a hot and spicy person, a vindaloo might tickle your fancy. In India, this dish is most popular in the region of Goa. Whilst it isn’t too hot that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, it definitely does have a kick to it. They’re also famous for their sweet treat deserts. Either coffee, or a lovely banana fritters is a firm favourite. The banana is deep fried in batter, then covered is sweet syrup. Indian food is a little heavy on the stomach however, so some people might not be able to eat this.


This is where fine dining really comes into its own. France is the home of the Michelin star, so some of the restaurants over there really know what they’re doing when it comes to fine dining. If you enter into a Michelin star restaurant, the price tag will be huge, but the quality of food will be amazing. Everything is made to perfection, with taste and presentation at the forefront of the dishes. One lovely dish you’ll find is, sea bass with prawn tortellini, fennel purée and white wine sauce. Sounds fancy right? The dish is garnished with actual leaves, lying on a bed of the purée, the design is simply just beautiful. Whilst the French are known for their fine dining, they’re also known for their weird as well. When most people think of french food, they most likely immediately think of their love of eating snails. The particular snail is called is an Escargot. Whilst many people do associate it just with the French, it is a common dish served as a started in Spain as well. They are stripped of their shells, and cooked in a rich garlic butter. They’re then put back into their shells, loaded with the sauced, and served ready to eat. There are so many more fine dining experiences to have, you’ll have to visit France to truly immerse yourself in their world of food.

Just a few countries above have been listed for their culinary expertise. There’s a whole world out there of flavours to explore.

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