3 Common House Moving Nightmares And How You Can Avoid Them

Whether you’re moving abroad, interstate or just a few miles down the road, it requires a degree of organization that’s unrivaled by anything short of a major military operation. There are so many moving parts (pun semi-intended) that keeping up with them is a logistical nightmare, especially when kids are factored into the equation. At best, moving home is a stressful and exhausting experience but at worst it can be a genuine nightmare that can cause extreme distress for the whole family. The following aren’t just real life examples, but common examples of things that tend to go wrong during a move and how you can learn from other people’s misfortune to ensure that your move is as stress free as possible.

Movers turning up late… Or even not at all

Your choice in local moving services can either make or break your moving experience. Many a family has sat amongst boxes in an unlivable house, waiting for the movers to arrive growing more and more anxious with every second that ticks by on the clock. Most families have their move timed to perfection and movers turning up late can seriously derail the busy schedule of the day. Worse still, many families have waited all day for movers that never even showed up due to scheduling oversights. The last thing anyone wants is to spend their moving day frantically trying to get through to your movers on the phone while they come back at you with excuse after excuse or worse yet don’t pick up at all.

You can avoid this by carefully vetting your movers and scrutinizing their online reviews. You should also call them the day before the move to confirm times and discuss your itinerary for the day with them.

Rogue Movers

The importance of trusting your movers cannot be overstated. Many families are motivated by cost and thus opt for cheaper movers and therefore find themselves lured in by rogue movers. These unscrupulous ‘businesses’ will be helpful and friendly at first but upon arriving at your new home they may tell you that some of your more expensive items were lost or stolen along the way (which they have been… by the mover). As you’re unable to prove this, pressing criminal charges can be extremely difficult. The only way in which you can avoid this is by carefully vetting your movers and knowing how to spot rogue movers.

Furniture won’t go through the doors

When moving through the empty space of a new home, one tends to project where all their belongings will go. Though this is one of the most fun parts of a move, it requires only imagination rather than logistical understanding. As such, many people instruct their movers to put a piece of furniture into a room only to be horrified to find that it won’t fit through the door. It’s a logistical nightmare, but it can be circumvented.

Try taking the door off its hinges prior to the move if you suspect this will be an issue. You should also disassemble your furniture wherever possible to make it easier for your movers to transport. If all else fails your movers may be able to use a rigging system to transport your furniture through your windows (though this may be at extra cost).

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