Profiting from Your Plot

If you’re looking for a good way to ease yourself into entrepreneurship and start making more money on your own terms, that doesn’t involve starting your own fully-fledged business right off the bat, and you have your own garden, one thing you can do, is start profiting from your plot.

Here are just some things you could do to set up a side-gig and start earning money from your green space:

Open Your Plot to the Public

If you have a garden, and you’ve taken the time, or you’re willing to take the time, to turn it into a beautiful space, brimming with gorgeous blooms and pretty landscapes, you could make some money by opening your garden to the public via the national Gardens Scheme or similar. Doing this, you’re unlikely to make your fortune, but if you get smart and combine opening  your garden with selling your own homegrown plants, flowers and produce, or even setting up your own craft stall, you could make a nice side income and learn more about running a business, so that should you wish to take the plunge, you’ll have  a fair idea of what is required.

Turn Your Garden into a Golfing Green

If you have a large enough garden, and it’s flat enough to be practical, you could think about transforming your garden into a putting green and then charging local people a fee to come and practice their swing when they can’t get to the golf course or when it’s too busy for them to get much practice in.

In order to do this, you’ll have to invest some money having your garden landscapes, laying astroturf and perhaps even buying one of the best golf statues via to give your garden the right look and attract golfing fans in,but golfers tend to be affluent, and they’re always looking for new opportunities to practice their sport, so it could be quite lucrative if you do it right.So, although you shouldn’t jump into making your garden a golfing green, it certainly has to be worth at least looking into, especially if you have an interest in golf yourself.

Grow Bonsai Trees or Orchids

Bonsai trees and orchids are an excellent business opportunity because they are beautiful and desirable and you can charge a pretty penny for decent specimens. If you have green fingers and you’re looking to set up a small side business in your garden, growing them could be quite a good way of making money, and it will certainly provide you with an engaging hobby.

Grow Organic Foods

Growing simple organic fruits and vegetables like chillies, truffles, olives, and saffrons, which take up little space, but demand a decent price is another good way to make money from your garden by growing stuff. Local restaurants and even health-conscious individuals and foodies in your local area will snap them up, and you’ll be able to build a decent cottage business out of their cultivation.

Turn it Into a Dog Agility Course

If you have a bog garden, you love dogs, and you’d happily see more of them running about the place, one thing you could do to earn a modest sum of money is to turn your garden a dog agility course/ safe place for local people to exercise their dogs Charge a small fee for entry and then let the dogs do their stuff.

In order to do this, you’ll probably need to take out some liability insurance, and it would be sensible to set a few ground rules to ensure the safety of all dogs and humans present in your garden,but other than that, there is very little stopping you from using your garden in such a fun way.

Rear Livestock

Rearing livestock is a popular option for people who want to make more serious money, and perhaps even start a fully-fledged business from their garden. Rearing rare-breed ducks and chickens or even quails, and selling their meat or their eggs can be a good way to make money if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to care for animals.

Use Your Home as an Advertisement

If you have excellent gardening skills, a good way to use your garden to make money is by transforming your plot into a showcase of your skills and then using that to advertise your services as a gardener in the local community.

Run a Pop-Up Restaurant

You can find out how to open a pop-up restaurant over at, and if you like cooking as well as growing/ rearing high-quality food in your garden, it is a great way to profit from your plot. People love eating local, seasonal food, so you’re sure to be onto a winner if you go down this route.

Become a Tree Wholesaler

If you have the space and the know how to grow trees in your garden, one way to make a lot of money is by starting your own tree nursery and selling the results of your efforts on to garden centres and individuals. You’ll need to have a serious plan of action and put in a lot of hard work to do this, especially when it comes to building up contacts, but if you’re willing to work hard, you could build up a nice little business which enables you to work out in the fresh air, in time.

Offer Camping

If you like meeting new people and you live in a tourist area or a place where there are lots of festivals and events, you could earn a side-income, in the summer months at least, by offering your garden up to campers. Charge them a  feel for pitching their tents, or perhaps even install pods in your garden which you can charge for, and advertise on websites like to let people know that you’re available. It’s a fun way to use your plot for profit, and it can be a good money spinner if you live in the right area.

Your garden has a lot of untapped potential, tap some of it using these ideas as a springing board, and you could make money, start a new business and give your green space a new lease of life. What’s not to love?

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