7 Valuable Collectibles That Could Be Sitting In Your Attic

You may not fancy yourself as a collector. However, a large number of us may be hoarding collectibles in our homes without even realising. This usually takes the form of inherited items in the attic or old belongings from when we were a child. Some of these could be worth hundreds or even thousands without you even knowing. Here are some prime examples of old items that can be worth a lot.


Old clocks are some of the most bought antiques and shouldn’t be thrown out when giving your loft a clear-out. Some antique clocks can sell for hundreds and even thousands if they’re in good condition. Sites such as AntiqueClocksPriceGuide.com are useful for getting an idea as to the value of your clock. Auctions are often the best places to make a profit on these items.

Old coins

There are many avid collectors when it comes to historical coins. Leftover change from a vacation your grandparents went on many moons ago could be worth a lot now. You may even be lucky enough to have older coins sitting in your loft from generations before. Coin shows are great places to trade these collectibles. Sites such as USACoinShows.com give dates for coin shows across the country. In the case of very old coins, it may be worth getting a professional antique dealer to authenticate the coin first.

Disney movies

Have you heard of the Disney vault? Disney only releases new copies of its movies in batches every twenty years. This means that there may be some films from almost twenty years ago that are yet to be re-released and could be rarer and more valuable as a result. Special edition VHS or DVD sets can be particularly valuable. Don’t expect to make a huge profit on these though.

Vinyl records

Vinyl collectors go crazy for original pressings of records. Many of us have boxes of old vinyl locked up in the loft. These could include original pressings, some of which may sell for over a hundred or even two hundred dollars. This is largely dependent on condition of course.


Many of us may also have old original pressing of books that are now of value. Think of any books that you may have bought at the time they were released. There may also be some books that have been inherited through the generations. Sites such as ValueMyStuff.com are great for old books.

Comics and annuals

Similarly, collections of comics and annuals can be worth a lot of money. If as a child you regularly got a Beano annual, these could be worth a huge amount now. Sadly, comics with puzzles which you’ve drawn on may be devalued.

Old toys

Inherited any old toys? These can be worth a lot of money to toy collectors. There may even be some modern toys which have gained value over the years. Pokemon cards, Furbies and Polly Pockets are just some of the toys from the 90s that have risen dramatically in value.

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