Could An Upcoming Show Cause A Second Netflix Crash?

There are couple of shows coming to Netflix over the next month or so that have the potential to cause a Netflix crash, similar to the crash that occurred just under one year ago. In case you’ve forgotten, Netflix went down for two hours just one day after Luke Cage hit Netflix for streaming. Luke Cage of course being the third series released as part of the Marvel Netflix shows leading up to The Defenders.

Before you panic about whether Netflix will be hit with another outage while you’re binging one of your favourite shows, there are a few details to keep in mind.

Did Luke Cage Actually Cause The 2016 Crash?

The answer is probably not. First, it’s important to remember that there is no evidence to show that Luke Cage caused the crash. The media were happy to report it because it was a fun little story. The creator of the show was happy to play with it for good publicity and Marvel also had some fun with the issue. You can read one of these stories on The idea that a show was so popular that it caused the streaming service to crash was never going to be ignored by the creators nor the producers. However, one company did ignore the speculatory link and that was Netflix.

Netflix never suggested that the crash was caused by Luke Cage, only announcing that they were working hard to fix the issue which they ultimately did. Since Netflix doesn’t even release viewing numbers for their shows we don’t even know whether a lot of people did watch it. Though it clearly had enough interest to earn a second season.

Have Any Other Shows Been Linked To A Crash?

Interestingly no. There have been a few hyped up shows this year that people were immensely excited about and streamed on Netflix. The Gilmore Girls continuation and The Defenders certainly spring to mind. Neither caused the streaming service to crash and in fact the only issue the latter suffered from was mediocre reviews.

Which Shows Could Cause A Second Crash?

Two shows are on the horizon with the perceived popularity to cause a new Netflix crash. These are Stranger Things and The Punisher. One hits in October and the other is expected to fall somewhere in November. Both have massive potential fan bases with millions of people probably refreshing, eager to watch them as soon as they are released. If any shows are going to cause a second Netflix crash it’s these two. If Netflix does break down just as you’re about to find out what happened to Eleven you can contact netflix customer service here: Although we think this is fairly unlikely because we imagine Netflix will be taking a lot of steps to ensure the site continues to work during the release of such a popular show.

Interestingly, Netflix does stagger it’s releases. So, it is possible that they are aware too many views on the site at any given time could cause it to crash. However, it’s also possible that they space out releases so that one audience doesn’t eat up another for a new show.

It will be interesting to see if either of these shows does cause a crash. If one or both do, it would show evidence that Luke Cage was indeed so popular it caused serious technical issues for the massive streaming service. However, we still think this is unlikely and that the previous break down was completely unrelated to the new show.

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