13 Things You Need To Know About Moving Abroad

If you’re thinking of moving abroad, there are a few things you need to be aware of first. Moving abroad can be a very exciting time in your life, but it’s also a huge change that you need to research as much as possible. If you’re not prepared for everything to come your way, you might soon begin to regret your decision. Here are 13 things you need to know about moving abroad to ensure that doesn’t happen:

Settling In Doesn’t Just Happen

Settling in isn’t something that’s just going to happen once you’re in your accommodation. You need to come up with a strategy to make sure this happens. This includes understanding the culture, setting up your bills, and even joining local clubs to ensure a smooth transition and avoid homesickness.

Make sure you get everything done back home so that you have peace of mind with nothing to worry about. Don’t forget to reroute your post, for example, and cancel your gas and other bills if you’re not renting your property out or anything like that.

Your Pet Needs A Plan Too

If you have a pet, you need to start planning for them too. Making sure they get settled in will ensure you both live a happy life together in your new location. Your pet must be microchipped in advance, as well as have the appropriate vaccines. Make sure you speak to a vet in your area, but be aware that this is usually at least 21 days before you go. You should also speak with a professional animal transportation company. This is the only way you can be sure your pet arrives safe and sound with you.

Accommodation Should Be To Priority

There are many things you’re going to need to think about and look into before you move, but the main one is accommodation. Your new accommodation should be of the utmost importance to you. Make sure you look high and low and find somewhere suitable and reputable so you can get off to the best start.

The Driving Laws And Regulations

Getting around is going to be something you want to do as easily and stress free as possible. The way to do this may be driving yourself. Knowing the driving laws and regulations, making sure you’re prepared to start driving on the right side of the road is a must. Researching the customs and laws as well as the driving license requirements will help you further.

If you don’t drive, you’ll need to come up with another way of getting around. Will you get a bus, tram, or train ticket? Maybe you could even get a bike!

Planning Your Finances

Planning your finances is important too. Make sure you consider your taxes. You need to notify the government that you’re leaving, and they may give you information about your taxes that you need to deal with before you leave.

You should be aware of things like currency fluctuations and fees, all while letting your bank know that you’re moving, and opening a new account in the country you’re moving to. You may be able to apply for expat bank accounts depending on what you want.

Getting The Correct Documentation

Getting the correct documentation when moving abroad can take time, and you should expect ten times the admin you thought you’d need to deal with. Seriously, it’s a lot! You’ll need to make sure you have the right passport and visas in place, as well as any citizenship cards required to get in.  Moving to India requires a person download an Aadhar card before they arrive, but it may vary depending on where you’re moving to. You may need to get further documentation in place if you’ve ever been in trouble with the police. Border control won’t take keeping this information under wraps lightly.

Communication Breakdowns

Learning some key phrases before you move is the least you should do. There are going to be communication breakdowns; you can almost guarantee it. Make sure you minimize these by learning a few key phrases, making moves towards learning more of the language, and using translation apps. Getting things like your telephone line in place may also be difficult if you don’t plan ahead!

Specific Ways You Could Offend The Locals

You absolutely must know any specific ways you can offend the locals so you avoid them like the plague. This will vary from place to place. Some places won’t like it if you show the soles of your feet, and others won’t like it if you shake hands with the ‘wrong’ hand. Do your research!

You’ll Get Some Weird Gifts And Offerings

As cultures vary so vastly from place to place, it’s important to note that you may get some weird gifts and offerings from locals who want to help you to settle in. This might be a very strange looking tea or an even weirder looking meal. Don’t pull a face or refuse it! If you want to settle in, you’ll have to grin and bear it.

You’ll Probably Feel Run Down

Stress weakens the immune system, so you can expect to feel run down when you move. Don’t take it as a bad sign! Of course you can also expect broken sleep, getting lost, tears, and more. Eventually, it will get better.

The First Week (At Least) Will Feel Weird

Take this as a mental health week and accept your feelings of confusion and anxiety. It may take weeks, or even a month before you start to feel at home!

You’ll Want To Get Rid Of All Of Your Junk

Less is more, especially when you’re moving to a new country. Do you really need to take body wash and things you can buy once you get there?

You’ll Impress Yourself

Moving abroad is really a challenge of survival, an adventure, and extremely character building. Don’t pay attention to the films that make it look fairly easy. When you see what you can do,  you’ll impress yourself and begin to enjoy it before you know it.

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