Sports That Leave You With A Forever Family

When you’re into your sports, you’ll know that you wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for your trainer and team. There are many different kinds of sports that will leave you with a forever family. But here are just a few of the best.


Soccer is pretty non existent if you haven’t got a team behind you. Sure, you can have the best tricks and skills out there, but without your crew standing with you – that all means nothing. Being a successful soccer player means you will be on the road a lot traveling to the next destination for training, working your way up to the big matches. But no matter where you are, you will still have your guys around you so you never get the chance to feel alone. You will have a deep understanding of how all of your teammates work, which is essential if you want to win.


Although wrestling is one on one (unless you’re tag teaming), when training you’ll always have a team around you that guide you and build you up to be the best version of yourself. They’ll be there when you’re exhausted, they’ll push you to your limit, and they’ll even sit with you and pick out the best ideas for your custom wrestling singlets before the big match. And when it’s time, they’ll be sitting in the front row cheering you on.


Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, physically and mentally. You are expected to choose it above all. That means your friends, family, and general social life come second. Because of this, it can really take its toll, especially when you’re on the road, tired, in pain, and missing home. That’s where your teammates become your family. You share the tough times, and the most rewarding times together. They know exactly what you’re going through, and understand what it means to be a serious gymnast.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is commonly known as the aggressor’s sport because they are famous for ending in fights between the opposing team. When someone trips, pushes, or hits the puck a little too hard – it gives everyone the perfect excuse to rip off that helmet and go to war. The sport itself is all about skating on ice and trying to get the puck into your opponent’s goal, but each team has their teammates back, so if any wrongdoing is noticed – it’s gloves off time. The moment that action is made, your team is standing by your side ready for battle.

Bottom line is that the moment you make yourself part of a team, you are allowing yourself to have a second family. They will end up knowing more about you than your own Mother, because you’re training with them constantly, and you share one another’s blood, sweat and tears – it really doesn’t get more intense than that. So embrace the love around you, and be that rock that others are to you. Not everyone is as lucky to have that.

Photo credit: Pxhere