Why Automobile Accidents Are On The Rise

We all have to use a car at some point in our lives. Yet being on the road is one of the most dangerous daily decisions a person can make. It’s no secret that using a car has always been risky, but it’s an accepted part of life with safe driving marking a norm in our culture. However, in recent years the number of automobile accidents has risen, with a huge 6% increase in 2016 alone, totaling a worrying 40,200 deaths whilst behind the wheel. So why are automobile accidents becoming more and more prevalent?

Concerning standard size vehicles

With the majority of people commuting on a daily basis in smaller and quicker cars, and off road driving not something you would use a truck for, standard size vehicles are more likely to be involved in crashes. With popular use and cost effective use, it’s no wonder that insurance claims frequency is highest for smaller vehicles under a weight of 1500kg. This means they have less crash absorbency and protective covering than any larger vehicles, and thus are less likely to keep you safe. This is especially relevant today with the improving economy since 2008. People are more likely to be on the road and drive further distances. Small cars are often the only affordable choice for first time drivers, and therefore are more common on our roads with less experience at the wheel. Don’t be worried however if you own a small car; vehicle integrity is getting stronger and small cars are performing better in crash tests.

Concerning larger vehicles

There’s over 1.1 million heavy goods vehicles on the road as part of contractors or business carrier fleets, so it’s easy to see why heavy vehicle accidents are on the up and up. If you do drive around in a heavier or larger vehicle, it’s understandable you’ll have better protection from crashes and insurance claims. With the amount of crashes on the road, and a hefty percentage of them being heavy vehicle caused crashes, truck accident lawyers are always on call to help. Statistics in 2011 found that in truck caused accidents, 72% of other vehicle occupants were fatalities compared to 17% in big vehicles themselves. Similarly, in 2013, one study found that trucks were a significant cause of serious accidents. Heavy goods vehicles accidents are more damaging in terms of the physical, and even the professional. Drivers of these vehicles are usually under company warranty, and any mistake can lead to damages in the financial. Due to professionalism, contracted drivers are more likely to stop at accident sites.

In trying to better avoid accidents on the road, it’s important to follow safety precautions like the highway code, and never drink and drive. Crash statistics are steadily on the rise due to a surge in misbehaviour and accessibility to vehicles whilst in inebriated or inexperienced states, but always driving safely will reduce your chances of becoming part of a crash or being held accountable for others’ behaviour.

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