It’s Getting Hot In Here: How To Keep Cool On Even The Hottest Days

Summer is fast approaching and as the temperature rises so does our frustration and angst for keeping cool. While many of us wish for warmer days and opportunities to wear shorts and vests, it can often get too much during the day when the temperature peaks. Especially when you mix the heat with humidity, it can make an unbearable combination. However, it is vital for your well-being to keep yourself cool and calm when the temperature soars. Which is why we thought we would share a quick guide on how you can keep yourself cool on even the hottest days of the year.

Drink plenty of water

It may sound obvious, but so many people ignore the fact that you should dramatically increase your water intake on warm days. Your body tends to sweat in the heat and is losing vital fluid minute by minute. Drinking more water keeps your body temperature low and stops you feeling some of the other effects of heat such as light-headedness or even sickness.

Eat little and often

Eating big meals can often make you feel hotter than when you eat smaller meals but more often. This is because when you eat a large meal, your body produces more metabolic heat to break down the food you have just had. Other things to avoid would be foods that are high in protein as this has the same effect on your body needing to produce more metabolic heat to break this particular food group down.

Keep your home cool

If you have one, or even considering one, get yourself an air conditioning unit for your home. If it hasn’t been used in a while make sure it works and check that the thermal air flow switch is in good working order. Using air conditioning your home can make sure that your home and bedroom are kept cool. Allowing you to have some respite from the heat and should enable you to get a better night’s sleep.

Run your wrists under cold water

A main vein in your body passes through your wrist, so running them under a cold tap for five seconds each every few hours can regulate your body temperature. It helps to keep your blood cool which ultimately is being pumped round your body.

Make sure you wear lighter colours

Did you know that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors? This is why it is important to ensure that you avoid wearing dark colors when out and about. Black, especially, is one of the worst colors you can wear in the heat as it also makes you feel warmer as well as absorbing the heat. Stick to pastel shades, whites and beige colored items of clothing.

Avoid fanning yourself

It may sound strange, but fanning yourself is a big no-no in hot weather. While, of course, it create a sudden burst of cool air, the energy you are using to get that temporary feeling is only making your body warmer. If you are going to do it, make sure you use something flexible like paper or something that has a large surface area. Therefore taking very little effort to get the desired effect.

I hope these tips help you during the hottest days of the year.

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