Brikawood USA: We Need One Here

I was inspired to construct my own little house after watching the Brikawood video. Brikawood is from a French startup Catharhome that has developed a wooden brick named Brikawood to build houses by connecting the pieces like a lego — without the use of nails or screws. I immediately searched for it, hoping there is some sort of Brikawood USA branch. Found nothing.

The website says: “Whether you are a social landlord, a community, an investor, a real estate developer or an individual, building a modular, positive energy housing is attractive from every point of view. Durable, scalable and performing on both thermal and acoustic levels, our designs guarantee optimal comfort and energy savings.”

For more information please check Brikawood website: or contact Brikawood International : +33 5 81 29 43 85 or send an email to