Keep Fit This Year With These Fun Activities!

Let’s face it, it’s easier to keep fit during the warmer months. Over the winter when it’s cold and the days are short, many of us go into hibernation mode. When the spring and summer come back around, we’re naturally up and about more, spending time outside meaning it’s easier to burn calories and stay trim. When the sun comes out, chances are your exercise regime changes quite a bit. While you shouldn’t let a bit of bad weather stop you, it’s fair to say that some activities are either difficult (or just unpleasant) when it’s hammering rain or freezing cold! For this reason, it’s useful to take advantage now when the warmest part of the year is stretched out ahead. Here are some of the exciting sports you could try out this spring and summer!


Surfing is an amazing workout and a lot of fun, it’s a tricky skill to master so you might be best off joining a class. An instructor will show you how to get started, and you can master the different techniques and work your way up. It might be a while until you’re riding giant waves like a pro, but it will be fun learning, and you’ll get a fantastic workout in the process. All you really need is a surfboard, if you live locally to a beach, it could be worth investing in one. If not, hiring might be a better option.


Paddleboarding is where you kneel or stand on a board in the water, using your arms or a paddle to move around. It requires a tremendous amount of balance and will work out your core, arms, and legs. Along with your board or paddle, you can buy wetsuit booties for SUP (stand up paddleboarding) to provide additional support and grip. You can practice alone, with friends, lots of people even bring their dog! Many enjoy standing on the board in the water, and if they like to swim it’s great exercise for them too. Who needs the gym?!

Scuba Diving

Under the ocean is a whole other world, when you scuba dive you get the chance to explore it. Unless you’re very serious about the hobby and intend on purchasing some expensive kit, your best bet would be to hire equipment or go on a guided tour. Underwater swimming is a great way to keep you in shape, although you’ll be too busy marveling at fascinating creatures to notice!

Bike Rides

A great workout for your legs and cardiovascular system, bike rides are something you can get all the family involved in. You could see if there are any set trails nearby or head off into nature and make your own route. With the breeze in your hair and a gorgeous sunny backdrop, it will hardly even feel like exercise. If you use your bike for shorter journeys rather than hopping in the car, you’ll help the environment too.

How will you be keeping fit this year? Do you have any of these activities on your bucket list?

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