Don’t Settle for First World Problems, No Matter How Trivial They Seem

A first world problem may not be something that is deemed to be serious; they are more of minor problem or slight frustration, rather than a life-changing negative impact, especially compared to third world problems, that most certainly do have an impact on the lives of those that live there. However, problems in the first world are annoying all the same, and it is your right to want to have them sorted as best as you can.

You probably, maybe unknowingly, check your phone over a hundred times a day. This means that its battery, sooner rather than later, is likely to suffer from wear and tear. The loss of battery in a phone is, although not the end of world, a great cause distress to those that are affected by it, but it doesn’t have to be settled for. You can fight it by checking to see if you have a collection of unclosed apps that are just sitting around, not really doing anything, and proceeding to close them. And in relation to apps you may have some that drain more battery power than others, in which case you should, if you are an iPhone user, head to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage Tool to see which ones are the most high-maintenance and see which of those that you can live without. Phones offers up a whole heap of first world problems other than just the problems of a lack of battery; the situation of when it comes to choosing a carrier is one such example. This first world stress can also be banished from life, however; if you know how to do so, that is. Choosing a carrier shouldn’t be a difficult task that causes you any kind of problems, so make sure to consider the option of seeking to get a Boost Mobile, no contract cell phone the next time your phone refresh comes around. They offer you the chance to choose how low you wish to go with your monthly charge whilst still offering you the chance to retain your text and call needs. And another area from which a plethora of first world problems are produced is the Internet, specifically how fast it operates. Having a slow connection or no connection at all, in this day and age, can make instantly turn a good environment or situation into a bad one. To combat this problem without having to dive into your precious monthly data allowances, you can invest in a dongle, a modem that you can carry around with that connects to wireless or mobile broadband services.

So, whether it be your phone, your internet connection, or any of these other first world problems, you shouldn’t be under the impression that, just because they are not life-changing, it doesn’t mean that you should not seek to fix them. No matter what people may think, you are entitled to a phone that has a good battery, and you are entitled to a fast Inherent connection.

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