The Trickle Down Effect: How Tech Is Making It’s Way Into Your Bathroom

2016 was quite a year, wouldn’t you agree? And if it hadn’t been for the tragic loss of so many celebrities and new political movements shaking the establishment to its foundations, then we might have heard about another important story: tech is taking over the world.

There were voices, of course, trying to get the message out. Bill Gates said that the world needed to prepare for robots taking all the jobs. And back in January Elon Musk attended a conference with fellow AI experts where he reiterated the importance of creating a “neural lace” – a sort of mind-machine interface that would allow humans to keep up with the robots.

With all that going on, it hardly seems surprising that technology is finding its way into our bathrooms. Let’s hope it’s not spying on us.

The Bathroom TV Mirror

Thanks to advances in LCD technology, it’s now possible for the mirror in your bathroom to double up as a TV, just in case you want to watch the news in the bathroom as you get ready for work. The low profile TVs are possible, all thanks to changes in the way screens are backlit. Special types of pixels on LCD screens are now able to illuminate themselves, meaning that there’s no need for bulky lamps in the back of the TV. They’re expensive, though. According to PC Advisor, you’ll be paying more than £875 for the prevalence of a tiny 15-inch TV mirror.

The Smart Tap

Thanks to the hype around the internet of things, we’re going through a bit of a phase at the moment where manufacturers are making everything smart in the hope that something will stick. What we really need are leak proof shower pods, not useless stuff with novelty value. With that said, if you are the type of person who gets fed up with the chore of having to turn your bathroom tap on and off all the time, a company called iHouse might have come up with a solution, just for you.

Their idea has been to build a tap that can tell who is using it via facial recognition. This way it can automatically store your preferences and respond accordingly when you enter the bathroom. It might take a bit of explaining when your gran comes to stay that your bathroom tap knows who she is and what temperature water she likes, but that’s all part and parcel of having a connected home.

On a final note, the smart tap also comes with a touchscreen that allows you to send your friends and colleagues emails. Now they’ll see “Sent from my Smart Tap” on all your correspondence which might take some explaining.

The Wi-Fi Scale

The Wi-Fi scale is a scale that doesn’t allow you to keep secrets. Instead of your weight being something that’s just between you and the bathroom scales, the scale automatically exports all your data over the cloud via Wi-Fi. The companion app then allows you and your friends to track how much weight you’ve lost or gained over time.

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