Kurt Seyit ve Sura Series Ending and Finale Spoiler (PHOTOS)

I followed the Netflix’s show Kurt Seyit ve Sura (Kurt Seyit and Shura in English subtitles) when it became available in January 2017. Although I am not understanding the language of the new Turkish drama series, I could feel the strong connection between the two lovers – First Lieutenant Seyit Eminof (played by Kivanc Tatlitug) and Sura (played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah).

This post isn’t a full summary of the series, but a rough summary of the major events that occurred in the series, including the ending and spoilers of the finale.

If you don’t want to know anything, this is the time to stop reading.

Episode 1: Seyit and Sura set eyes on each other at a ball.

Episode 1:  Seyit and Sura finally met.

Episode 2: Seyit and Sura danced for the first time.

Episode 2: The start of the many instances you wished you could just strangle the villain Lola, the Baroness.

Episode 2: Seyit and Sura kissed for the very first time.

Episode 2: The start of the many instances you wished you could just strangle the main villain, Petro, who is also Seyit’s close friend.

Episode 4: Seyit and Sura had sex for the first time, by the fire place.

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Episode 4: As a lieutenant, Seyit had to leave for the war and had to say goodbye to Sura.

Episode 6: Sura tried to commit suicide after learning that Seyit has gone missing in the war and could be dead.

Episode 6: Of course, Seyit is alive. Otherwise, this story will end now.

Episode : Seyit and Sura had sex for the second time.

Episode 12: Sura bathed Seyit.

Episode 13: This episode was tragic. Seyit’s parents died when rebels attacked their home. Seyit’s youngest brother was killed by Petro. The wife of Celil (Seyit’s friend and comrade) died of excessive bleeding due to a sensitive pregnancy.

Episode 18: Seyit was mad at his comrade Celil.

Episode 19: Sura was mad at Seyit, thinking that Seyit cheated on her with the Baroness, Lola.  This episode shows Petro and Lola conniving to destroy Sura and Seyit’s relationship.

Episode 32: Seyit met Murvet for the very first time, during a house fire incident. Murvet will play a major role in Seyit’s life.

Episode 34: After a big fight, Seyit and Sura parted ways. Sad episode for those following the couple’s story.

Episode 37: Sura met a young suitor, Serge.

Episode 38: Sura still loves Seyit. When she learned that Seyit would marry Murvet, she rushed to the hotel and tried to stop the ceremony. She came too late.

Episode 38: Also in this episode that Seyit married Murvet.

Conclusion: At the end of Netflix’s 46 episodes of Kurt Seyit ve Sura, Kurt Seyit married someone else, Murvet. Yes, the ending is depressing. No happy ending for the two lovers. Most of you will call this ending unfair and cruel. After you spent hours and hours following the love story of Seyit and Shura, now, you would want your hours back.  Good job Turkish drama for wanting me to kick the TV screen!

And what happened to Petro? Well, in the last episode, Seyit took his revenge. He shot Petro four times and buried him alive.

And what happened to Sura?  She accepted Petro’s marriage proposal in episode 39.  However, she changed her mind and decided not to marry Petro.  She thought that doing so would be the “worst mistake of her life.”  Before she left Istanbul, she bid Seyit and Murvet goodbye.  She wished the couple happiness. There was a good moment that you have to watch in episode 44’s last scenes.


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