Busy Bee: ‘Me Time’ Activities You Can Enjoy On The Go

If you’ve suddenly found yourself at a loose end just go ahead take out your phone. Tap, or fingerprint unlock your pin then sit back and relax as you enjoy some time out either surfing the net, browsing the racks, watching an episode of your latest series or simply taking a moment to de stress.

Read Magazines

When it comes to media, journalism has itself come a long way from the days of stuffy newspaper offices, long articles and even glossy women’s magazines. Today, consumers love viral vines, Buzzfeed listicles and cutesy or funny gifs. Magazines realized online they could offer readers more customised, interactive content and exclusive videos and behind the scene tours. This theory was proven correct when NYLON Magazine uploaded a video of Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, taking over the reception for the day. The result? Far more comments, likes and user led website traffic than any print article they’d written. You don’t even have to choose one as thanks to cool magazine apps like Newsstand you can get digital copies of all your favourite titles sent instantly to your smartphone, or iPad for just a dollar.

Watch Movies

Ever thought that buses, trains, and taxis should have tiny entertainment screens the way planes do? Us too but until they decide to make the morning commute a little less painful, cartoons are awesome, there’s always Showbox. You’ll see that it’s an amazing app for all movie fanatics, as you have access to a staggering library of movies that’ll keep you occupied even while on the way to work. It also streams all the latest series, so if you know everyone in the office will be talking about Game Of Thrones and you haven’t caught up yet here’s your chance to do so. Remember, not everyone wants to hear about the magical world of Westeros so if you’re watching in public don’t forget your earphones.

Play Mobile Games

Lego Harry Potter, Batman, Candy Crush, Episodes, Bubble Witch Saga what do they all have in common? These are all games that were specifically designed to be played on mobile devices. Fancy playing something different? Just head over to Google Play where a whole world of gaming awaits. App developers caught on pretty quickly that people love smartphone games, so whether you’re into mysteries, puzzle solving, shoot em ups, fashion, adventure or weird games like paper toss we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to keep you amused.

A Quick Meditation Or TED Talk

What could be better than enjoying a ten or fifteen minute guided meditation as you stroll along a sandy beach, play with dolphins or visit the peaceful Elven stronghold of Rivendell? No we’re not messing with you there are Lord Of The Rings themed meditation videos online that will guide you through a peaceful, relaxing mental journey. If that doesn’t float your boat then boost self-confidence, inspire yourself to reach for your dreams and plan how to make your life even better while watching a TED Talk. A worldwide phenomenon, these incredible talks feature celebrities, models, businesspeople, authors and even ordinary citizens who want to share positive, important and life changing information.

Flickr Photo Credit: Tri Nguyen