Obscure Alternatives For Gym-Haters

It’s January, and that can only mean one thing; everyone is in the gym, wearing their new Nike gear, and full faces of make-up, showing all their Snapchat follows how they have a healthy new year’s resolution and money to spend on a gym membership. But what if you don’t like the gym? Sure, you want to get in shape and lose that Christmas belly, but not enough to step on a treadmill. So what alternatives are you faced with? Well, below is a list of obscure ways to get in shape for people who have a real disdain for the gym.

Dust Off That Hula Hoop. You probably haven’t used, or seen, a hula hoop seen you were picking your nose at school. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective, or fun. Think about it, twirling a hoop around your waist in such a way it doesn’t fall down requires a serious amount of movement, and skill. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, answer us this: have you ever seen someone look miserable whilst hula hooping? Exactly.

Saturday Night Fever. By this, what we mean is dance. Jump on the internet to see if there are any dance classes near you. Go with your friends, ask someone you know to be your partner, even if it’s Patrick, your 82 year old next door neighbor. Just go. Dancing requires energy and spent energy means burned calories – about 600 burned calories every hour to be exact. And it’s fun. You don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it and who wouldn’t enjoy doing a Salsa on a Wednesday evening.

The Spirit Of Competition. Team sports are a fantastic way to get into shape and, what’s more, team sports don’t have to mean football or hockey or anything like that. No. Team sports can mean Ultimate Frisbee in the local park, or pulling on bubble football suits and running into each other whilst looking utterly ridiculous. What better way is there to keep fit this year.

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Trampolining is like a fun version of skipping. You’re doing the same action, it’s just one allows you to pretend you are doing a space walk on the moon and the other makes you sweat loads and look miserable. Plus, there are options. Either you can buy a mini-trampoline for your living room, or a garden trampoline, or you can go to one of these amazing trampolining warehouse where the entire floor space is covered with trampolines and so are the walls and ceilings. Yes, yes, yes.

Go All Medieval On 2017. We’re not talking Pulp Fiction here; we’re talking exercise of yesteryear. Stuff like sword-fighting (or fencing as they call it nowadays) and horse-riding. Exercise that requires dedication and joy, exercise that has the power to develop your skills in something incredible. Trust us, by June you’ll be the envy of all your friends. They’ll probably even call you Aramis or D’Artagnan or something cool.

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