You Won’t Believe The Shocking Ways Businesses Are Ruining Nature

It’s 2016 and businesses are still destroying the environment. Despite all the warnings of global warming and climate change, companies are still ruining nature. In this piece I will show you the three shocking ways big businesses are doing this.

Air Pollution

Perhaps the most obvious way businesses are ruining nature is through air pollution. You will often see big industrial sectors with smoke billowing through huge chimneys. All of this smoke goes into the atmosphere and pollutes the air we breathe in. Some of the biggest and most populated cities in the world have awful problems with air pollution and smog. There are two main causes of this air pollution. Firstly, industrial companies will often dispose of their own waste by burning it. This releases smoke and carbon emissions into the air and stains blue skies with gross gray clouds. Secondly, the amount of energy a business needs can be humongous. Think of the amount of power you need to run everything, even an office uses up loads of energy. The problem with this is that the energy is usually provided by burning fossil fuels. So, they have an indirect impact on the environment as they’re causing more fossil fuels to burn. An easy way to sort this out is to recycle waste and use renewable energy sources.

Liquid Waste

There are thousands of businesses over the world that are polluting the oceans with liquid waste. The main companies responsible for this tend to be big industrial ones. Construction companies will often create loads of liquid waste that needs to be thrown away somewhere. No matter where they throw it, it often ends up in the ocean. When this waste gets thrown away, it can often be toxic for sea life and contaminate people’s drinking water. Moving forwards, businesses should think about things like liquid effluent management. This is the process of testing and managing your liquid waste to figure out the right method of disposal. Hopefully, if companies do this, they will avoid ruining nature like they do.


Another shocking way businesses are ruining nature is through deforestation. This has been an issue for several years and keeps getting worse. Companies all over the world are cutting down trees to use for resources. This results in so many natural habitats being destroyed and a huge disruption to the ecosystem. Animals are left with no homes, and the oxygen quality reduces in these forested areas. Not only are trees and bushes being cut down for resources they’re also being removed to make room for businesses. There are places where trees have been cut down and offices built on the land to get more use out of it. There need to be tighter laws surrounding deforestation to ensure it happens less and nature isn’t ruined.

I will end this piece on a positive note by saying not all businesses are ruining nature. In fact, there are some that are doing their bit to have a positive impact on the environment. For more info, you can read my article on modern businesses protecting nature.

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