Crazy Reasons You Look At Your Phone Over Hundred Times Each Day

The average person will check their mobile phone or take a look at the screen over one hundred times a day. Experts believe that for some people, it could be twice that amount which is, absolutely insane. What exactly are we doing with our mobile phones that we need to look at them that much?


Forget about heading to a bar, if you want a hot date on Friday night, you need to get on Tinder. There you’ll be able to swipe left or right depending on whether or not you like the look of someone. Do you think that’s slightly shallow? Don’t worry there will be hundred of other people deciding whether they want to date you based on your cover profile too. Well, we say a date, but hookup would probably be a more accurate term here. You’re not going to meet the love of your life on Tinder, that’s for sure. If you do, good luck explaining that one to the grandchildren. It would certainly have made How I Met Your Mother a lot shorter and far more graphic.

Watching Movies

There’s a reason why mobile phone screens have been gradually getting bigger. We’ve been using them to watch a variety of different media from TV shows, Youtube videos and now movies. Who would have thought we would progress this far this fast? Now you can use your phone to watch a full movie and best of all no buffering. Some of the best free movie apps for iPhone allow you to skip the ads and the load time. You can even transfer what you’re watching to your TV using some apps. Be aware that a few of these apps are, while technically legal, frowned upon due to copyright. You might want to use a VPN in some cases.

Being Told When To Go To Bed!

How long has it been since you had a bedtime? Well, if you updated your iphone recently, you may well have regressed. The new update is giving owners the opportunity for the phone to remind them when they should be going to bed. Based on the time you want to hit the hay, it will also tell you when you should be getting up to give you the optimum level of sleep. A little controlling perhaps but we’re sure a lot of those phone checks are because people are using the alarm and keeping hitting the snooze. That must amount to at least ten checks each day surely? At the weekend it’s probably double!

Gaming Gamers Hate

No doubt you play a lot of games on your phone too. You must be because Pokemon Go is still making just over two million per day. Then there’s Candy Crush, Angry Birds and various running platforms too. We’re not sure how many times you click on the app and start playing. But we do know you’ll have at least a few of these games that gamers hate. Gamers feel these apps are slowly destroying the integrity of the gaming industry and they have a point. Particularly, when Nintendo seems to be focused more on mobile games compared to actual platforms. Still, like it or not, these apps are definitely here to stay, and some even have movie deals.

Did we leave out any of the weird ways you use your phone?

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