Fun Facts You Might Not Know About Your Body

Your body is fascinating. Have you ever stopped to wonder how things are and how your body reacts to things is simply remarkable? Probably not. This is because we tend to take our bodies for granted. Both in the physical and mental state. Good or bad there are some amazing facts about our body that may even surprise you. If anything I hope these fun facts enlighten you to how wonderful your body is, and maybe take care of it a little more.

Sixty thousand miles worth of blood vessels are in your body

We all know the power of our veins and blood vessels in our body. Making sure our body get’s the oxygen it needs.  But the strangest fact about your blood vessels isn’t what they do but how many you have in your body. Stretching your blood vessels out in a line would cover sixty thousand miles. How incredible is that? You could travel to Australia sixty times over. For the average height person, this doesn’t seem comprehensible. But let’s remember how small these things actually are.

Let it all out

Crying is good for you. Enough said. Letting it all out alleviates stress, tension and sometimes anger. Next time the water works start don’t avoid them and have a good old fashioned cry.

You only use a tiny portion of your brain

Your brain is by far the most powerful organ in your body, but we only use a small portion of it. But did you know that your brain is capable of reading 1000 words a minute? Think about how many holiday reads you would get to if it worked to full capacity. Incredible. Not only does the brain account for only 2% of your body mass, it actually uses up 30% of your oxygen and calorie intake. Easy to see why knowing what your brain is capable of.


You are your very own kettle

A simple fact for you here. Did you know your body radiates enough heat in thirty minutes to boil water? See, there is a reason why you are too hot to handle.

The different effects alcohol and drugs have on your body

We can all dabble in a little recreational activity every once in awhile, alcohol being one of the main things people turn to after a stressful week. However, did you know that alcohol can have a strange affect on your body, one being short term memory loss? Ever wondered what happened the night before? Now you do. Short term memory loss is caused by temporary imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Making it difficult to recall memories.

Another thing our body will react to is drugs, and I’m not just talking about the illegal kind. Prescribed and herbal medicines can even make our bodies react in an unintentional way. Side effect warnings are there for a reason. However, transient adverse drug reactions are something to look out for. These are short term reactions like increased heart rate and blood pressure. It might mean suffering with confusion or being disillusioned as to what is going on. Drug reactions whether short or long-term can have a huge effect on hormone releases in the brain.


The body wasn’t built to be alone

Loneliness is as much something to avoid as physical pain is. The human body wasn’t built to be alone. Just as much we seek out ways to avoid pain, we seek out companionship. Loneliness is an actual pain. Who knew?

I hope these facts have enlightened you a little more about your body. Take some time out today to appreciate how fascinating you really are.

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