List of Local Sears and Kmart Stores That Are Closing in 2016

Sears sales dropped 6.9% in the most recent quarter. They fell 7.2% at Kmart, which Sears owns.

Sears is now trying to stem the losses from underperforming stores by speeding up its store closings.

The company will shut down about 50 stores this year.

List of Local Sears and Kmart Stores That Are Closing in 2016


Staten Island Mall, Staten Island, New York: Sears Auto Center only (closing February)
Mount Berry Mall, Rome, Georgia: Sears and Auto Center (closing March)
Birchwood Mall, Fort Gratiot, Michigan: Sears and Auto Center (closing April)
San Mateo, California (closing April)


South Burlington, Vermont (closing January)
Honolulu (closing March)
Lutz, Florida (closing March)
Daytona Beach, Florida (closing March)
Cleveland, Tennessee (closing March)
Canton, Illinois (closing March)
Covington, Virginia (closing March)
Florence, Alabama (closing spring 2016)
Dothan, Alabama (closing spring 2016)
Prattville, Alabama (closing spring 2016)
Citrus Heights, California (closing April)
Chula Vista, California (closing April)
Ottumwa, Iowa (closing April)
Mitchell, South Dakota (closing April)
Pierre, South Dakota (closing April)
Topeka, Kansas (closing April)
Pocatello, Idaho (closing April)
Logan, Idaho (closing April)
Superior, Wisconsin (closing April)
Virginia, Minnesota (closing April)
Ironwood, Michigan (closing April)
Steubenville, Ohio (closing April)
Cedar Bluff, Virginia (closing April)
Virginia Beach, Virginia (closing April)
Milledgeville, Georgia (closing April)
Dublin, Georgia (closing April)
Richfield, Utah (closing April)
Warren, Ohio (closing April)
Morton, Ohio (closing April)
Terre Haute, Indiana (closing April)