The Voice 2015 Season 9 Top 11 Results Live Blog (VIDEO)

It is time for The Voice! Who will be eliminated on The Voice 2015 Season 9 top 11? Find out the results as we blog the live result episode tonight, November 24, 2015.

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Here is a list of the top 11 singers who performed last night:

Team Gwen
Jeffery Austin
Braiden Sunshine
Korin Bukowski

Team Blake
Barrett Baber
Zach Seabaugh
Emily Ann Roberts

Team Pharell
Madi Davis
Evan McKeel

Team Adam
Jordan Smith
Shelby Brown
Amy Vachal

Country star Brad Paisley performs “Country Nation.”

First result: The two artists saved by America’s votes are: Amy Vachal (team Adam) and Braiden Sunshine (team Gwen).


More results: The next two artists saved by America’s votes are: Zach Seabaugh (team Blake) and Jordan Smith (team Adam).


Gwen and her team perform “You Get What You Give.”

Results continue: The next two artists saved by America’s votes are: Madi Davis (team Pharell) and Emily Ann Roberts (team Blake).


Adam and his team perform “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys.

Results continue: The last three artists saved by America’s votes are: Jeffery Austin (team Gwen), Barrett Baber (team Blake), and Shelby Brown (team Adam).

Bottom 2 this week are: Korin Bukowski (team Gwen) and Evan McKeel (team Pharell). They will perform for the sing-off after the break.

Evan McKeel sings “Let’s Stay Together.” Korin Bukowski sings “She Will Be Loved.”

It is time for the Twitter Save. Who will you save? For 5 minutes, you can vote: For Korin, tweet/reweet #VoiceSaveKorin. For Evan, tweet/reweet #VoiceSaveEvan.


This is it. America saved through Twitter is Korin Bukowski (for the second time in a row).

Join us again next week.