Chinese Girl Who Can Put Animals To Sleep: How Did She Do it

How did a little Chinese girl do it? How did she make all these animals put to sleep in just seconds of touching them? The video of the girl from a Chinese TV show has gone viral as she managed to put a dog, a lizard, a crocodile, or even a lobster to sleep, live on stage!

I know that crocodiles automatically fall asleep when they’re on their back. I believe this applies to the other animals as well.

Was there magic involved?

Here is the first video of her performance:

Now here is the second video.

Call this girl if you got children who won't go to bed! She can put anyone to sleep in just a matter of seconds, whether it be a dog, a lizard, or a crocodile!#ChallengetheImpossible

Posted by CCTV on Thursday, October 29, 2015