Is Arnel Pineda Leaving the Journey Band?

Journey band. (source:

Journey band. (source:

There have been rumors that Filipino singer and front man of the international band Journey, Arnel Pineda, is leaving the band? Is this true? Is Arnel Pineda really leaving Journey?

In a recent interview with ABS-CBN, Arnel denied that he has plans to leave the group.

“Hindi siguro. Unless mag-disband yung banda. Pero as of now they have no plans of disbanding. Pero any time I’m ready kasi actually nung sinali nila ako, nung ginawa nila akong permanent member nung banda, I didn’t expect na tumagal ako eh. Para sa akin, ‘Maka-one year lang ako sa kanila. Malibot ko lang ang buong Amerika touring with them okay na sa akin.’ Kahit nga isa nga lang or dalawang show na nakasama ko sila. Pero my God after 500 shows with the band I’m still here. They still keep me so it’s such a blessing,” he explained. (I don’t think so, unless Journey disband. But as of now, they have no plans of disbanding. But any time, I am ready. When they let me join them and made me a permanent member of the band, I did not expect to last long…. but my God, after 500 shows with them, I am still here. They still keep me so it’s such a blessing.)

Arnel is currently a celebrity ambassador for GSK’s Winner Against Asthma campaign along with other celebrities who have asthma like ice skater Michael Martinez.