Champion Lyrics by Clark Beckham on American Idol 2015 Top 3 Finale On May 12, 2015 Episode (VIDEO)

See Champion lyrics by Clark Beckham below. Also, listen to “Champion” audio as released by Big Machine Label. This is Clark’s winner’s single on American Idol 2015 top 3 finale performance episode night, May 12, 2015.

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Listen to the 90-seconds clip.

Oh oh
Oh oh
You’re flying, you fall
You’re trying, you fail
But still you keep going

You’re crashing, you stall
You sink ’til you sail
Cause you never know when
The tide’s gonna turn
The wind’s gonna change
We’re gonna make it
The world’s gonna learn and remember our name
It’s been not breakin’

Through blood and tears we rise
Coz Tonight we come alive

We are the sons of the promised dream
Daughters of hope we will not give up
They say we’re broken
They say we’re weak
But We’ve shown the heart of the champion

Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh
We’re gonna stand
When we’ve been knocked down
We crawl, we walk, until we run
We’re gonna fight
Gonna hold our ground
Cause we’ve got the heart of the champion

Oh oh
Oh oh
Cause we’ve got the heart of the champion

Note: The lyrics will be updated soon.


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