Ghost Boots Photo Taken in Japan: Was The Picture Real or Fake

The Ghost Boots photo is now going viral after being posted on Reddit’s “Ghosts” subreddit. Martin Springall, the father of a four-year-old girl took a photo of her daughter on a beach in Zushi, Japan.

Later, after looking at the pictures he took, he noticed one odd thing: a pair of boots and part of a blue shirt peeking out from behind her daughter.

Based on the comments online, others said that the boots may have come from a Samurai ghost because the place where the photo was taken was across a samurai graveyard.

Here is the controversial photo:
Martin Springalli 1

And here is another photo taken also in the same place.
Martin Springall2

Springall said that the photo is “completely legitimate” and not retouched in any way.

Photo credit: Martin Springall