Weasel Rides Woodpecker Photo: Fake Or Real

A weasel rides woodpecker. Really? Is it fake or real photo? The photo has been circulating online after Jason Ward (@Jayward7) tweeted it on Monday. He said it was taken by east London hobby photographer Martin Le-May. The photo showed a weasel riding on top of a flying woodpecker.

Martin Le-May said he was out for a walk on Monday with his wife, Ann, in a London park when they heard a bird squawking in distress. And that’s when they saw the events unfold between the weasel and the woodpecker.

The weasel wasn’t really riding the bird, but trying to eat it.

Weasels are notorious nest robbers. And it looks like Le-May got the perfect shot following a confrontation between a weasel and the woodpecker. Here’s another photo that Le-May took:

He said that the woodpecker was able to escape from the weasel after the latter was distracted by the presence of Le-May and his wife.