Crazy Filipino Driver in “Beast Mode” Video Goes Viral

Filipinos are not happy to see this video of a guy (identified from the comments as Tito T. Cosejo Jr.) driving on a busy street in the Philippines and provoking other drivers by dangerously passing them. Nearing the end of the video, he finally got into an argument with a driver whose vehicle Cojeso almost hit.

VIDEO via Facebook: (wait for it to load)

There is no mention when exactly the video was taken.

As of this posting, the video that was posted on Facebook by a certain Even Demata with the caption “Crazy driving crazy driver?”, has been shared more than 5000 times in just 10 hours.

The photo below of the alleged driver (screen-captured) has been circulating like crazy on social media, with comments condemning his act and calling him names for risking other drivers on the road. Some said that he must be reported to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for proper sanctions.

Tito T Consejo Jr

Also, there is a message that is currently circulating allegedly posted by Tito T. Cosejo Jr., apologizing for his mistakes. According to the unconfirmed message, the video was filmed few years ago with a friend. He said that he had learned his lessons the hard way.

“I take full responsibility for my actions that day. It was a huge lapse in judgement, and I’s like to apologize to anyone and everyone affected by my carelessness,” the note stated.

Tito T. Cosejo Jr.

Is this the same guy?

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