Attack Zoo Lion: Man Mauled By Lion Inside Barcelona Zoo (VIDEO)

Attack Zoo Lion: A man dressed in camouflage gear has been mauled by lions in an enclosure at Barcelona Zoo, Sunday afternoon.

The man, identified as 45-year-old Justo Jose, was attacked and then dragged down a tunnel by three lions.

He was rescued alive by zoo staff, firemen and police, who pushed the animals back with water hoses and fire extinguishers. He was then taken to the Hospital de la Vall d’Hebron and in a serious condition after the injuries he suffered from the beasts.

Witnesses are said to have looked on in horror as the man entered the lion enclosure voluntarily, sitting on an out-of-bounds piece of grass.

La Vanguardia newspaper reports he was attacked by a lion and two lionesses who pulled him into a service tunnel.

According to Daily Mail, the victim has a history of activism, and previously protested against abortion by clinging to La Pedrera – a landmark Barcelona building.

Also, in September this year he was arrested for burning a flag at a monument to Rafael Casanova, local media says.

The zoo is now investigating into how he managed to go inside the enclosure.