91 Year Old Woman Declared Dead Wakes Up (VIDEO)

Few months ago, we reported about a dead girl who woke up during her own funeral. Now, here is another story of 91-year-old woman declared dead and only to wake up 11 hours later in cold storage, CBS reported.

The Polish woman, Janina Kolkiewicz, was declared dead by a doctor on November 6 after her family said she’d stopped breathing.

“She was missing all vital signs. I listened to the heart, to the breathing. I also examined the pupils. There were no reflexes. Typical symptoms of death.” The doctor wrote out a death certificate.

Two hours later members of the funeral home picked up the body and relatives began to prepare for burial.

At midnight the same day, the family received a phone call from the funeral home, informing them that the woman was found alive in cold storage room after spending there almost 11 hours.

Mrs. Janina Kolkiewicz returned home and is feeling fine.

VIDEO Report via CNN: