Yes, It’s The Apple Watch And It’s Release Date Is Early 2015


Apple finally revealed its wearable gadget — The Apple Watch. The Apple Watch collection features highly polished stainless steel and space black stainless steel cases. The display is protected by sapphire crystal. And there’s a choice of three different leather bands, a link bracelet, a Milanese loop, and a band made from high-performance fluoroelastomer.

Apple Watch is designed to be worn during all your daily activities, from morning workouts to nights out. That’s why we use a cold-forging process that makes the 316L stainless steel 40 percent harder and less susceptible to nicks and corrosion. We also reduce impurities to achieve the mirror finish. An additional diamond-like carbon (DLC) layer gives the space black stainless steel its distinctive look.

Apple Watch comes early 2015.

Brilliantly scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
Next to diamond, sapphire is the hardest transparent material on earth. That makes it ideal for protecting the Retina display. To harvest the crystal, we use a very thin diamond-cutting wire. The sapphire is then precision-machined into its final form and polished for many hours to produce the desired finish before an antireflective coating is added.

Beautifully engineered bands and closures.
With designs made from fine top-grain leathers, durable high-performance fluoroelastomer, and custom-engineered stainless steel, the Apple Watch collection offers the widest array of band materials and closure styles. Each one is distinctive in its own right, yet perfectly matched to the collection.

Link Bracelet
Crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the case, the Link Bracelet has more than 100 components. The machining process is so precise, it takes nearly nine hours to cut the links for a single band. In part that’s because they aren’t simply a uniform size, but subtly increase in width as they approach the case. Once assembled, the links are brushed by hand to ensure that the texture follows the contours of the design. The custom butterfly closure folds neatly within the bracelet. And several links feature a simple release button, so you can add and remove links without any special tools. Available in stainless steel and space black stainless steel.

Apple Watch 1

Milanese Loop
Based on a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century, the flexible metal mesh of the Milanese Loop wraps fluidly around your wrist for a perfect fit. Achieving the desired look required magnetic stainless steel. But off-the-shelf materials didn’t offer the necessary purity or corrosion resistance. So we created our own alloy and use a new thermal treatment that makes it more durable. The mesh is woven on specialized Italian machines, and every end piece is individually laser-welded to ensure smooth edges.
Apple Watch 2

Modern Buckle
A small French tannery established in 1803 produces the supple Granada leather for this elegant band. The smooth top-grain leather is lightly milled and tumbled to attain a refined texture. What looks like a solid buckle is actually a two-piece magnetic closure that’s delightfully simple to secure. We also added an inner layer of material for strength and stretch resistance. It’s the same material NASA used to create the parachute strings for the Mars Rover. This band is available in soft pink, brown, and midnight blue.
Apple Watch 3

Leather Loop
The Venezia leather for this band is handcrafted in Naples, Italy. With an artisan heritage spanning five generations, the tannery has a history of partnership with some of the most prestigious names in fashion. A delicate milling and tumbling process yields a beautiful pebbled texture. This traditional craftsmanship is combined with an innovative approach to design. Magnets concealed within the soft, quilted leather allow you to simply wrap it around your wrist for a precise fit and a trim look. Available in stone, light brown, and bright blue.
Apple Watch 4

Classic Buckle
From the renowned ECCO tannery in the Netherlands, the Dutch leather used for this band has a distinctive embossed grain with a subtle texture. The simple closure is crafted from the same stainless steel as the case. It’s a beautiful take on a traditional band design. Available in black.
Apple Watch 5

Sport Band
Because it’s made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong. Yet surprisingly light and soft. The material is more flexible than the rubber commonly used in watch bands, so it has a nice feel and drapes smoothly across your wrist. To achieve a purer white and a deeper black, we found a way to add pigment at the beginning of the manufacturing process. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit. Available in white and black.
Apple Watch 6