Mermaid Caught Photos Showing Half Woman Half Fish: Real or Fake

Here we go again with the never-ending question “Are mermaids real?” The story of mermaids and their existence was intensified last year after a feature from the Animal Planet channel claiming they are real. Yes, the feature showed a video evidence. Read more about this story here.

Dr Paul Robertson, the NOAA scientist who exposed the new video of the mermaid captured using a deep underwater camera became popular as well.

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After the TV airing of the special feature, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, released a statement saying it was pure mermaid hoax. Was it a hoax? Or was there a coverup?

The past weeks, photos of a mermaid allegedly caught have been circulating online. The photos showed the upper body of a female person, but its lower part was covered with scales much like that of a fish.



Fake or real? The photos above are FAKE.

The original photos were from the “Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides” and were then photoshopped. It was designed and conceptualized by Joel Harlow, one of the famous makeup artists.

Original Photo of the ‘Fake’ Mermaid:

Do you still believe in the existence of mermaids?