iPhone 5 Lightning Cable Won’t Charge – Easy Fix And Solution

iPhone 5 Picture

For weeks I thought there was something wrong with my iPhone lighting cable when it started not charging my iPhone 5. The problem just came out of the blue one night when I noticed that the charging would stop after touching the iPhone 5 even lightly. The only way I could put the phone to charge mode was to wiggle the cable left and right until I get the right fit. This could take at least 5 minutes! Very frustrating! Flipping the cable did not work.

Since I thought it was a lighting cable flaw, I bought a new one. Unluckily, the new cable did not work. The same intermittent charging issue persisted. Was my iPhone 5 charging socket damaged or faulty? Was the phone port too loose for the cable to even fit perfectly for charging?

As I was thinking of what to do when my phone, an idea came. I looked for a needle. Yes, a needle. I inserted one end of the needle to the lightning port on my iPhone 5 and when I pulled it out, voila, out came a pocket full of lint and dust! The port just have to be cleaned. That’s it. All there was to do was to get all the compacted lint from the back of the charging port hole.

I carefully cleaned the port and the original cable and charger worked perfectly first time.

I hope this helps.