TV Show Guide For October 11, 2013 (Friday)

TV Guide for Friday! What TV shows will you be watching tonight, Friday, October 11, 2013? Here is the list for your complete TV show guide. Happy TV watching!

Note: All TV show guide times are EST.

Undercover-Boss8:00 PM

Last Man Standing (“Ryan v. John Baker”) – Kristin finds herself comparing her boyfriend to John Baker (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the ambitious owner of the restaurant she manages; as part of Eve’s sniper/hunter training, she and Mike try to catch each other unaware. (ABC)

MasterChef (“Junior Edition: Whip It”) – The cooks test the stiffness of their hand-whipped cream by holding the bowls upside down over the judges’ heads; beef Wellington challenge. (FOX)

Undercover Boss (“Donato’s”) – Donato’s Chairwoman Jane Grote Abell goes under cover and discovers that pizza isn’t the only thing getting baked at one store. (CBS)

Gold Rush (“Million Dollar Season”) – Highlights from the third season; Parker sets out to redeem himself; the Dakota boys strive to uncover the bottom of the glory hole. (Discovery)

Jessie (“Caught Purple Handed”) – Jessie is excited to sign with a talent agent; the kids throw a rooftop bash to raise money for their school. (Disney)

National Geographic Photographers: The Best Job in the World – Photographer Cory Richards and his team prepare for their first ascent of a peak in Antarctica; the adventures of National Geographic photographers. (NatGeo)

8:30 PM

The Legend of Korra (“The Sting”) – When Triad activity threatens to put Future Industries out of business, Mako performs an investigation and uncovers a conspiracy. (Nick)

The Neighbors (“The One With Interspecies F-R-I-E-N-D-S”) – Jackie and Debbie get makeovers by Shirley (Wendy Williams) at Jackie’s favorite hair salon; Reggie and Amber bond over nature programming; Dick tries to help Marty get in shape. (ABC)

Dog With A Blog (“Stan Makes His Mark”) – Stan makes a video about being the world’s first talking dog to leave as his legacy. (Disney)

9:00 PM

Shark Tank – Singer Brian McKnight and a DJ pitch a syndicated radio show featuring love song dedications; skateboards that glide like surfboards; patching holes in window and door screens; an update on the creator of a unique belt. (ABC)

Hawaii Five-0 (“Ka’oia i’o ma loko”) – When a missing artifact seems to be the key to solving a double murder, a conspiracy theorist (Jorge Garcia) helps the team. (CBS)

America’s Next Top Model (“The Guy Who Has a Panic Attack”) – The contestants go to Bali where they must model swimwear while walking underwater; the models are asked to pose with leopards and snakes at a local zoo, but two models are too afraid. (The CW)

Dateline NBC – A man claims his young wife killed herself after she is found dead in her burning home. (NBC)

Great Performances (“The Hollow Crown: Henry V”) – The French challenge the English army to a battle at Agincourt. (PBS)

Gold Fever (“Eureka!”) – Gold is discovered in California; gold seekers travel west to the gold fields; Sam Brannan mines the miners. (Discovery)

Fashion Police – Actress Gillian Jacobs; actress Elizabeth Berkley. (E!)

Wander Over Yonder (“The Prisoner”) – Wander gets loose aboard Hater’s ship; Commander Peepers must stop him before Lord Hater finds out. (Disney)

Phineas & Ferb (“Face Your Fear”) – Doofenshmirtz believes that enlarging small, cute animals into giant beasts will help him take over the Tri-State area. (Disney) [START TIME: 9:15 PM ET]

Say Yes to the Dress (“Not What I Was Expecting”) – Emily wants a traditional gown; Brittany wants to show off her bright red hair and tattoos; Lauren is nervous about her dress being too unusual. (TLC)

Ghost Adventures (“Alcatraz”) – America’s most famous prison, Alcatraz, is investigated during lock down. (Travel)

Bridezillas [SEASON FINALE] (“Wilaura & Megan”) – Conceited bride Megan goes overboard; Willaura deals with street brawls. (WE tv)

10:00 PM

Blue Bloods (“To Protect and Serve”) – Danny serves as lead hostage negotiator when Erin is held at gunpoint inside the courtroom; when Jamie is suspended for disobeying orders, Frank must determine a proper punishment. (CBS)

20/20 – Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head by Taliban assassins for wanting to go to school. (ABC)

Cassadee Pope: Frame by Frame (“Oklahoma Strong”) – Cassadee’s Country Radio Tour heads off to perform for countless radio stations all across America. (CMT)

Haven (“The New Girl”) – Lexie, the new girl in town, joins Nathan on a hunt for a deadly trouble that changes its victims’ personalities. (Syfy)

Chocolate Sundaes: Live on the Sunset Strip – Platinum selling Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Aries Spears. (BET)

Strike Back – Scott and Stonebridge try to keep their promise to protect Ester; Richmond and Martinez follow an Al-Zuhari associate; the team sets out to stop an infiltrator before he reaches a populated area. (Cinemax)

Cracked (“The Thump Parade”) – The team uses a hockey ref as an agent to catch a criminal; Leo assists with a murder investigation. (Reelz)

Hello Ross – Actress Gwyneth Paltrow. (E!)

Real Time With Bill Maher – Filmmaker Oliver Stone; former Under Secretary of State Jim Glassman; political commentator Chris Matthews; author Carol Roth. (HBO)

Up Late With Alec Baldwin [SERIES PREMIERE] – Democratic New York mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio. (MSNBC)

Man vs. YouTube – Engineer Tim Shaw and stuntman Johnny Riche recreate, test and break down the science behind Internet viral video stunts. (NatGeo)

Kendra On Top (“Cold Wars”) – Things are getting heated between Kenda and Hank. (WE tv)

What Not to Wear (“Megumi H.”) – Megumi hopes to find a man and settle down; her wardrobe of animal hats and knee highs is not helping her find the right candidates. (TLC)

Best Week Ever – Each week, commentators give their takes on everything from politics to reality TV. Regular contributors to the show include Greg Fitzsimmons, Nick Kroll and Patton Oswalt. (VH1)

10:30 PM

Kendra On Top (“Truce or Dare”) – Kendra does her radio show tryout with Pat McAfee. Hank has a movie role that involves putting on a clown wig and acting opposite Bruce Jenner. (WE tv)

Late Night TV Shows

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno is joined by Actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass; actress Rosie Perez; Tenacious D performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman welcomes TV host Michael Strahan; comic Simon Amstell; Cage the Elephant performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon features Actor Keanu Reeves; actor Benedict Cumberbatch; My Morning Jacket performs with Brittany Howard and Merrill Garbus. (12:35 AM, NBC)

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson has Actress Rashida Jones; comic Brian McKim. (12:35 AM, CBS)