Collins Key Time Magic Trick: How Did He Do It (VIDEO)

Collins Key

When Collins Key did the tweet magic trick, we tried to unravel his magic trick secrets. When Collins did a dating magic trick, we also tried to unravel how he did his dating trick.

Tonight, Collins Key did a time magic trick using Nick Cannon’s $250K wristwatch on America’s Got Talent 2013 top 12 semi-finals.

So how did Collins Key do his magic trick?

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This one looks very easy.

When he placed Cannon’s watch inside the first box, he pretended to do it carefully. But the real reason was, the table had a hole, or something, where Collins could drop the watch into it. Here is the most important part of the trick — someone was inside the table (ever wondered why the table had to be so think?) who was in charge to handle the watch away while Collins tried to smash the contents of the other boxes. How did I know it? Watch the video below and focus on the first box around 1:59 to 2:02 (when Collins was about to ask Howie to take his watch off). Notice that the box actually moved! Yes, someone was trying to get Cannon’s watch out of the box!