TV Show Guide For August 28, 2013 (Wednesday)

TV Guide for Wednesday! What TV shows will you be watching tonight, Wednesday, August 28, 2013? Here is the list for your complete TV guide. Happy watching!

Note: All times are EST.

Spell-Mageddon8:00 PM

Big Brother – Contestants compete in the veto competition. (CBS)

America’s Got Talent – Performance recap. (NBC)

MasterChef (“Top 5 Compete, Parts 1 and 2?) – The judges are joined by their sons, who help critique a mystery box challenge; the contestants must re-create one of the greatest dishes the judges have tasted; the contestants prepare a Southern-inspired dish for volunteers at a ranch. (FOX)

Melissa & Joey (“What Happens in Jersey … (Part 1)”) – Joey tries to pass Mel off as his ex-wife at his Nona’s 99th birthday party. (ABC Family)

8:30 PM

Baby Daddy (“The Playdate’s the Thing”) – Ben and Tucker set up a rival playgroup for Emma after they learn she was excluded by their neighbors; Amy believes Danny has feelings for Riley. (ABC Family)

9:00 PM

America’s Got Talent – Six acts advance to the next round; performances by One Direction and Cassadee Pope. (NBC)

Royal Pains (“Open Invitation”) – Hank advocates an aggressive treatment plan for Don; Evan reaches out to Eddie to help Hank; Divya learns a long-kept secret. (USA Network)

Spell-Mageddon (“Balloonatics”) – On the hourlong game show, contestants must conquer distractions while spelling increasingly difficult words. (ABC Family)

Law & Order: UK (“Fatherly Love”) – When the body of a wealthy woman is pulled from the river, evidence points to her daughter. (BBC America)

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles (“Third Degree Burn”) – Madison decides to expand his business; Josh Flagg’s client wants to interrogate potential buyers; Josh Altman and his brother co-list a multi-million dollar estate. (Bravo)

Beverly Hills Pawn (“Fran and Superman”) – A piece that Arnold Schwarzenegger wore in the movie, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”; Yossi and Dominique take a trip to model/actor Rocco Gaglioti’s house; Cori is presented with a prop from “Man of Steel.” (Reelz)

Paranormal Witness (“The House on the Lake”) – While renovating an old lakeside mansion, a property developer discovers it was once a Cure Cottage where tuberculosis sufferers in the 1920s came to fight for their lives. (Syfy)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (“Lift and Scoop”) – June shops for a bra with the proper fit; Sugar Bear and June celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties. (TLC)

9:30 PM

Beverly Hills Pawn (“Potter and Picasso”) – A fluffy white poodle visits the shop with her two outrageous owners and they are looking for a birthday present for this pampered pooch; Dominique deals with a rare artifact from the “Harry Potter” series; a costume from “Teen Wolf.” (Reelz)

Cheer Perfection (“With Success, Comes Pressure …”) – Youth Silver has a bid to US Finals and head coach Alisha pushes them to compete in more difficult events; Alisha gets upset when she hears negative feedback. (TLC)

10:00 PM

The Bridge (“Vendetta”) – Sonya pursues a cold lead despite Marco’s advice; Charlotte finds out that Ray has jeopardized her ranch. (FX)

ABC’s The Lookout – Used car finance; credit card skimmer scams; cosmetics; real estate update; online flowers. (ABC)

Camp (“Harvest Moon”) – Mack worries about her parents’ visit for the Harvest Moon Festival; Mack’s dad decides to start a prank war against Camp Ridgefield; Kip helps Marina when she has a pregnancy scare; Robbie learns Sarah is working for Roger. (NBC)

Duck Dynasty (“Hot Tub Grime Machine”) – The guys try to find a hot tub for Godwin; Phil and Kay pass a recipe on to Sadie and John Luke. (A&E)

Broadchurch – Friends and neighbors come under scrutiny; Beth and Mark take matters into their own hands to get the story out. (BBC America)

Futurama (“Stench and Stenchibility”) – Dr. Zoidberg meets the love of his life; Bender performs in a deadly tap dancing competition. (Comedy Central)

Top Chef Masters (“Mindy Kaling and Yo Gabba Gabba”) – Guest judge Mindy Kaling asks the chefs to create dishes inspired by her favorite romantic comedies; creating kid-friendly dishes from kids’ least favorite ingredients. (Bravo)

Patrick Dempsey: Racing Le Mans [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Actor/Racer”) – Actor Patrick Dempsey balances his day job on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy” with his goal of competing in the world’s most famous motor sports endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. (Discovery)

Mystery Diners (“Wine on Wheels”) – The owners of Big & Little’s Restaurant respond to rumors that employees are illegally selling alcohol to customers at their restaurant. (Food Network)

The Challenge: Rivals II (“Thrilla in Camila”) – A team is pushed by exes; a deliberations vote breaks an alliance; a player’s motives are questioned. (MTV)

I’m Having Their Baby (“Sonya; Kayla”) – Sonya’s mother fears that Sonya’s boyfriend is being manipulative; Kayla’s boyfriend wants to parent their baby. (Oxygen)

FanAddicts! [SERIES PREMIERE] (“Harry Potter”) – Appraiser Brian Kathenes tries to put a price on a collector’s Guinness Book of World Records collection of Harry Potter memorabilia, but the collector needs to decide if he can part with some of his prized items. (Reelz)

Joe Rogan Questions Everything [SEASON FINALE] (“Psychic Spies”) – Is the government training psychics for information and military purposes. (Syfy)

Hot in Cleveland (“All My Exes”) – Victoria contacts her exes to learn where things went wrong while she is stuck in the hospital; Joe and Melanie have fantasies of a coma patient; Elka and Mamie bring Las Vegas to Cleveland. (TV Land)

Tough Love: Co-Ed (“Venus and Mars Collide”) – Steve Ward attempts to transform eight dating misfits into relationship-ready men and women. (VH1)

10:30 PM

The Exes (“My Ex-Boyfriend’s Wedding”) – Holly attends her ex-boyfriend Paul’s wedding; Phil and Eden develope feelings for each other; Haskell wants the most desperate woman at the wedding. (TV Land)

FanAddicts! (“Superman”) – A man who can’t stop collecting Superman props, toys and memorabilia tries to raise some quick cash by selling some of his Superman collectibles to Dave Elkouby at Starworld in Hollywood. (Reelz)

Modern Dads (“Homewrecker”) – Nate goes crazy with baby-proofing the house; Stone faces a moral crisis after a married woman hits on him. (A&E)

11:00 PM

The Soul Man (“Revelations”) – Boyce slips back into his old habits; Lolli and Barton step in to keep things running smoothly at the church; Stamps and Kim are conflicted. (TV Land)

Late Night TV Shows

Chelsea Lately features Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, promoting their album The Heist. (11:00 PM, E!)

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno is joined by Actor Matt LeBlanc; actress Natasha Leggero; Sky Blu performs. (11:35 PM, NBC)

Late Show With David Letterman welcomes Staff Sgt. Ty Carter; actress Hayden Panettiere; In the Valley Below performs. (11:35 PM, CBS)

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