Yellowstone Grizzly Attacks Two Hikers To Protect Cub

WarningYellowstone officials decided not to pursue a grizzly that attacked two hikers on Thursday on a trail near Canyon Village in the north central portion of the park.

The sow grizzly attacked after the hikers came across its young cub, according to a park spokesman Al Nash, “This bear by all accounts was acting on instinct defending its cub. That is natural and normal behavior for a sow grizzly,” Nash said.

Park officials did not identify the two victims. One was treated at a hospital for bite and claw wounds and released the other was treated at the scene. “Both victims reported that they deployed bear spray then dropped to the ground and played dead, which is what we advise hikers to do when they find themselves in that type of situation,” Nash said.

Later that day, two Bureau of Land Management contract workers were attacked about 70 miles west of the Yellowstone.