How Did Collins Key Do His Magic Trick On America’s Got Talent

The question – how did Collins Key do his magic trick on America’s Got Talent 2013? The youngest magician to perform on the Radio City, Collins Key, amazed the judges every time he does magic tricks on stage.

The last time he performed, he impressed everyone by predicting the tweets of the judges. How did he do it?

Watch the video again.

Can you spot his tricks?

– The secret was the assistant and the ladder.

– At 3.15 you can see the hand reflection on the box, definitely his left hand. You can see the left arm was at 90 degree. Definitely it is a reflection of left hand.

– We can see his hand at 3:15 and there is nothing inside the box. The paper was on the ladder.

From one of the video commenters: Why is the box just out of reach? If Collins needed a ladder, why not have it out on the stage? Why does he suggest he is unprepared on how to get the box and surprised when someone brings out a ladder? Obviously, he was just looking for a reason for his assistant to bring him the paper with the answers inside the ladder.

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Photo of his hand going out of the bottom of of the box and grabbing something.


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