SAT and ACT Free Apps For iPhone and iPad

sat-upTo those preparing for the college entrance exams, try to download the free apps for SAT and ACT test practice. Here are three apps for your iPhone and iPad use.

1. ACTStudent app – ACTStudent helps users anticipate and manage the ACT Test experience. Using the “Practice” feature, students can attempt answers to practice items and gain feedback from their attempts. “Account” allows users to log in for limited, read-only access to their own registration and score information. Accessing the link to ACT’s mobile site, users can find straightforward answers to typical questions test takers have about events leading up to the test and the test day itself.

2. SATLadder app – The iOS app now also uses the Edge Point system. As you play SATLadder 2.0, you earn points that you can use to access the LadderEdge answer explanations that can help you reach your goal SAT score. Each answer explanation costs 10 Edge Points. The gameplay for SATLadder 2.0 remains unchanged. You can compete head-to-head against your friends or random competitors by answering questions drawn from any of the three sections of the SAT®: Critical Reading, Mathematics, or Writing. If you get the questions right and get them right quickly enough, then you can climb all the way to the top. The best part? Your SAT scores will climb with you.

3. SAT Up app – Download the app so that you can study on the go and be prepared to achieve your best and beat the SAT. SAT Up focuses on getting you the right questions and you focus on getting them right! Preparation for your SAT, PSAT, ACT and AP exams with personalized tests and comprehensive questions. On average, our students improved their scores by 90 points after taking just 10 personalized tests.